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April 1, 2015
The countdown to Sponsor Safari has begun! T-minus 17 days untill this exclusive sponsors-only event. Invitations were mailed out last week to all of our Monkey Sponsors so be sure to mail back your RSVP or you can submit it online. Don't forget to order your Sponsor Safari t-shirts!

Monkey Spotlights  


It's not too late to Sponsor a Monkey and receive your invite to Sponsor Safari. Check out these lovely ladies who are looking for a few good sponsors!


Goldie Hawn arrived after her guardian was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. This blonde bombshell definitely stands out amongst the rest of the spider monkeys! She's a spunky girl full of mischief and an infectious belly laugh!

Marlee was purchased as a 'pet'. It didn't take long for Marlee's guardians to realize that Marlee needed a husband. Thankfully this beautiful girl was brought to Jungle Friends where she met her companion, Cha Chi!

Baby Rosie is diabetic and this precious little lady is controlling her diabetes with diet and oral medications. Her monkey companion, George, is also diabetic making them a model couple here at Jungle Friends.

Kari Bagnall

Lots of monkey love from Kari

P.S. Please make a donation to our Monkey Medical Fund. Today we received the pathology report on Cotton-top Tom, one of our new arrivals, he has malignant lymphoma, which has already metastasized. Please send your healing energy to Tom.