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  A Sweet Farewell to Amy

March 18, 2015

Amy will be missed by many, as she was loved by many.
It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our beloved Amy who lost her battle with cancer on March 10, 2015.

On March 2 we announced on our Facebook page that Amy had developed a suspicious mass in her abdomen. After several tests, x-rays and an ultrasound with Dr. Schirmer and his staff at West End Animal Hospital, it was confirmed that Amy had a cystic mass in her reproductive tract and that it would be in her best interest to have an ovariohysterectomy. Surgery was scheduled for March 10 in hopes that the mass could be removed and that it had not metastasized. Despite our hopes, Dr. Schirmer was unable to remove the mass because it was attached to her bladder and had extended into her pelvic canal.

Amy left this world for the next surrounded by many of her friends. The pathology report confirmed that Amy had suffered from uterine leiomyosarcoma, a rare and invasive form of cancer.

We thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers as we deal with this difficult time. Please consider donating to our Monkey Medical Fund in memory of Amy.
Amy: In Memorium... 

"We try  not to have favorites, but Amy was a favorite, she greeted me every morning as I left my trailer, she was the perfect neighbor. Always happy to see me and ready with a friendly greeting. Amy was kind and thoughtful, oh how I miss her sweet face, I feel such an emptiness, my heart is broken. I am so fortunate to have known such a gentle soul."   ~ Kari, Jungle Friends Founder

"Amy brought sunshine to all who knew her, it  was very easy to love her. Her passing has created a void in our hearts that cannot be filled. How do you even begin to measure the impact of losing a friend who was so sweet, forgiving and unselfish? How fortunate I am to have known her, to have someone in my life that makes saying goodbye so difficult."  ~ Donna, Jungle Friends Volunteer

"Amy was a gentle soul. She loved to be in the sun, so very much. Amy will be missed by everyone who knew her, but we can be comforted knowing that she spent the last two years of her life enjoying living almost wild."   ~ Sara, Jungle Friends Executive Assistant

"Your amiable and forgiving nature made you an unforgettable presence in the sanctuary. Your warm greetings will be forever missed."  ~ Britni, Jungle Friends Vet Tech

"You could see the smile on Amy's face when she vocalized her greeting. She was a sweet and loving friend. Amy enjoyed her head scratch, shoulder rub and back scratch like all primates do. And even if she hadn't seen you in a while, she greeted you when you came within sight. Very sweet. We feel fortunate that Amy was able to spend her retirement years in Florida at Jungle Friends. We'll remember her basking in the sunshine, exploring her outdoor habitat, speaking with her monkey friends and going into her indoor habitat when it was cold out. And, of course, we'll always remember her greeting."  ~ Don & Carol, Amy's Humans


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