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Please send healing energy to Amy!
March 10, 2015

Amy got very excited about her early Easter treats! We're only spoiling her a little bit before her surgery!

Amy is a spider monkey who has been with Jungle Friends for almost two years. Amy was ushered to the vet on March 2 after exhibiting a distended belly. Dr. Schirmer ordered radio-graphs and an ultrasound which revealed a large mass in Amy's abdomen. The mass was aspirated to try to determine its location and samples were sent to Florida Vet Path. The results revealed a cystic tumor, most likely in her reproductive organs. We feel the best approach is removing the uterus and ovaries. If the cancer has not gone into the lymph nodes and has not metastasized, we are confident Amy will make a full recovery, we will not know this until after her surgery later today. Watch this sweet video of Amy waking up after her diagnostic tests.

 Amy is very happy to see Donna after her vet visit. Donna is one of Amy's favorite humans and Donna is very fond of Amy.
Donna, long-time supporter and spider monkey whisperer, was visiting from Tallahassee when we received Amy's diagnosis. Although Donna had to go home, she will be here this morning to be with Amy during her recovery from the surgery and she plans to stay all week while Amy convalesces -- we have the best volunteers!

We will keep everyone posted on Facebook during and after Amy's surgery and her recovery. We will also be adding to her Photo Album.

Please send your healing thoughts, prayers and warm wishes to sweet, sweet Amy for a full recovery. We need your help with Amy's vet bills, the diagnostics and surgery will total about $1,250, so please make a donation to the Monkey Medical Fund in Amy's honor.
Helene Goldson

Thank you from the monkeys and me,
Helene Goldson
Volunteer and Board Member

I'm sure many of our female supporters can relate to Amy's problem. I had the same thing in 2013 and was back at work in a week thanks to the miracle of robotic surgery! The monkeys don't have that luxury, but they have the fabulous Dr. Schirmer. Please donate to help get Amy back to feeling herself again quickly.
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