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February 28, 2015
We did it!  I had the best birthday ever, thanks to everyone who helped make my Birthday Wish come true by sponsoring a monkey. Words cannot express how grateful I am for your love and support.

Right now Jungle Friends is home to 207 monkeys, and we have
228 monkey sponsors, wow! We made history, and I hope to see every one of you at Sponsor Safari!

Even though we have more monkey sponsorships than we have monkeys, some monkeys are just more popular than others. Pictured below are a few monkeys left without a sponsor. Let's make sure they have sponsors!

Please sponsor Simon, Molly, Bloom, Raya or Frankie!

Remember, everyone who sponsored a monkey for my Birthday Wish gets a ticket in the drawing for our Monkey Cruise for two! The drawing will be held in April at Sponsor Safari.

Yummy vegan
Birthday Cake!

Lots of monkey love from Kari

P.S.  If you don't feel lucky, you can simply book your ticket for the Monkey Cruise, 3-nights in the Bahamas for less than $350, join us!

Help Us Stop the Exploitation of Monkeys!  


Last week we launched a petition asking the Walt Disney Company to rescind plans for using capuchin monkeys in the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie. If Disney wants to be seen as a responsible animal-friendly company, it should not use monkeys in the film.


Capuchins are highly intelligent, sensitive and social animals who do not belong on movie sets. We are asking Disney to utilize computer-generated imagery, which won Planet of the Apes a Genesis Award.  

According to an article published by The Wrap, Disney has yet to comment on this issue. 


So far we have garnered nearly 23,000 signatures. Please sign our petition and let our voices be heard.    


Below are just a few of the ex-entertainers who found sanctuary with us at Jungle Friends...   

Chi Chi the day before she goes to the vet

Chi Chi spent her early years as a circus performer.
 April and  Max were performers who spent their days posing for pictures on the shoulders of paying customers at carnivals and circuses.
Coco and Mikki spent decades as organ-grinder monkeys for The Hurdy Gurdy man.

Show Your Support for Jungle Friends


You can help spread awareness for Jungle Friends by sporting one of our new t-shirts. These cotton t-shirts are available in two flattering colors: Heather Cardinal and Heather Indigo.  


We are offering the t-shirts for a minimum donation of only $11 if you pick it up at the sanctuary, or $17 and we will send it to you. Click on the t-shirt color of your choice to pre-order yours today! 

Front T-shirt design in
Back T-shirt design in 


Upload a picture of yourself wearing your t-shirt with the hashtag #BornToBeWild on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  

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