Today's Wish: Sponsor Dharma!

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You are probably wondering why Dharma and I are dancing, well, let me tell you...

Since we started promoting Sponsor Safari, and my Birthday Wish, we have gained 61 sponsors and I will be 61 on my birthday, I am sure that means something wonderful, even magical!

We have 207 monkeys and 187 sponsors, WOW! YOU, our amazing supporters, have been sponsoring almost one monkey every day! Have I told you I loved you lately?

So, if my math is correct, we need just 20 more people to become Monkey Sponsors by the end of my birthday, next Tuesday, that is just 4 days away, which means, 5 monkey sponsors every day, can we do it?!

I think we can do it, what do ya say? Let's do it!
Lots of Monkey Love,
Kari and the monks

And remember, every sponsor wins a ticket in our drawing for our Monkey Cruise! The drawing will take place on April 18th at the sanctuary during Sponsor Safari -- be there or be square!