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Mario eating walnuts

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Sponsor Safari! 

I was in disbelieve when I discovered that my sweet Mario did not have a sponsor! He is such a gentleman, and if you want to know what I mean bythat, please watch the video of his first meeting with Tessa, and their very first kiss, which was the most gentle kiss I have ever witnessed!

Mario and Tessa are a model couple, they have never even had a spat! National Geographic's Wild Chronicles was interested in Tessa's story, and produced a wonderful documentary on her arrival and introduction to Mario, watch this feel-good video.

Please Sponsor Mario and make my Birthday Wish come true! 

Kari Bagnall

Lots of Monkey Love, 
Kari and the monks  

P.S. We only have two more days until my birthday, and all we need are 12 more Monkey Sponsors, if you don't already sponsor a monkey, please join us, if you do, ask a friend or a relative to sponsor a monkey, and remember, you could win a Monkey Cruise for two if you sponsor a monkey by midnight February 24th! Please help make my Birthday Wish come true!