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February 1, 2015


WOW!! Since December 1st we have gained 28 new Monkey Sponsors! That's how we take care of 207 monkeys!

Most of you know Udi -- he has more sponsors than any of the other monkeys, and now he has one more...Carley, Claude's daughter, just sponsored the little darling! Udi is such a charmer. Thank you Carley!

And Ricky, retired research monkey, now has four supporters -- thank you Pat, Cathleen, Liam and James -- Ricky really feels special! And Amy, a sweet spider monkey, was just sponsored by Chris. And Heidi just sponsored Cuddly, who was a breeder for the exotic pet trade and had baby after baby stolen from her arms. Thank you Chris and Heidi!

Cuddly says thank you
And thank you so much Wendy for sponsoring Max and April! They are both settling in at the sanctuary better than we could have imagined. I hope you will join us for Sponsor Safari and meet April and Max up-close and personal!

Watch their arrival video.
Toothless Max



Annabelle, who was found abandoned in a hoarder's trailer, has been sponsored by our own Mimi and Charles!

Hayley, who is an ex-"pet" has two new sponsors -- Rachael & Katherine.

Thank you Mimi and Charles, Rachael and Katherine!



Jersey, one of our amputees, Zabbu a marmoset with metabolic bone disease and Monkers, who has been a surrogate mom to several baby monkeys all have a brand new sponsor! Our bookkeeper Elizabeth sponsored all three, thank you!

Dylan on Monkers



Xenon, one of the UGA monkeys, who is really a very happy monkey, somehow always seems to have this grumpy look on his face. But he is happy to have three new sponsors! Thank you Cynthia, Jessica and Ashley!

Sweet little Ringo was retired from research, Mike is an ex-pet and Micky is another one of the UGA Boys -- all three have new sponsors. Thank you Kathleen, Mary, Allen and Mindy!

Xenon (top) & Micky (bottom)

Most of you remember sweet Sammy who lost his battle to cancer. Bri, JF supporter and (my Mini Me), has her monthly donation going to our Medical Fund in his memory.


"Sammy was the most amazing monkey! Every day I try to be as strong as he was in his last few months. Every day I try to be as kind and caring as he always was, even on his toughest days. I miss him more than words can explain, but he is always with me and will always have a special place in my heart! I love you Sammy and I will never forget you sweet boy! ~ Bri


Mr. Ed was retired from research and sponsored by his namesake, Ed. Madison, another ex-"pet," was sponsored by Carolyn. And Esmeralda, a marmoset retired from research, was sponsored by another supporter named Ed. A huge thank you to Ed, Ed, and Carolyn!

Mr. Ed

I am so grateful that the Jungle Friends monkeys have so many wonderful, compassionate supporters. I hope all of our monkey sponsors will join us at Sponsor Safari -- I am looking forward to meeting all of you and introducing you to your special monkeys and their friends!

I have a special request for two Monkey Sponsorships

Please sponsor Bonnie, who just had a stroke, or Ebi who is in the clinic right now with a very strange skin condition.

Ebi has never had a sponsor. Look how sad he is about that!

Bonnie has had only one sponsor, thank you CJ!

To learn more about Bonnie's stroke and Ebi's condition, "like" us on Facebook and check in regularly for daily updates on the Jungle Friends monkeys.

Kari Bagnall
Lots of monkey love from Kari




P.S. Please Sponsor a Monkey and join us at Sponsor Safari in April here at Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary!

To honor our loyal sponsors we are planning a
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