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December 17, 2014


Please help us provide a Sanctuary Home for Max & April!


We have been asked to accept two capuchin moneys who were born into the pet trade, bounced from home to home, and who spent most of their lives in the entertainment industry. 


April and Max had all of their teeth removed, they wear collars and are tethered with leashes. They have been trained to jump onto a person's shoulders and pose for the camera.  

In this photo, provided by their current guardian, April is seen posing for the camera. Please help us build a home for April and Max at Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary!

 Above photos provided by April & Max's current  guardian. 


Max and April deserve to live out the rest of their lives at Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary. But we need your help to make it happen! Please make a donation to help us build a habitat so they can retire here in January. Our goal is to raise $7,000 to build their forever home at Jungle Friends by New Year's Day!  


Jungle Friends has provided sanctuary to several monkeys over the years once used in entertainment. Here are some of their stories:

Chi Chi with biscuit
Chi Chi spent her early years as a circus performer and now she spends her days in the sunshine with her monkey friends! 
Coco and her companion Mikki spent decades as organ-grinder monkeys with The Hurdy Gurdy man.  Now the Hurdy Gurdy Girls spend their days relaxing in the sun.
Kari Bagnall
Lots of monkey love from Kari 




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