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Our new website has launched!
October 22, 2014

I am very happy to report that our new website is finally finished and it is AMAZING! Please be sure to visit JungleFriends.org and see for yourself. And I have a request...please let me know if there is anything on the site that is not working for you so that we can fix it right awBob Barkeray.

Also, I hope to see many of you here at Monkey Day on Saturday to meet the UGA Boys, cut the ribbon on the new Bob Barker Medical Clinic and meet the new monkeys in Cotton Top City!

And for those of you who cannot be here for Monkey Day, please join me at Smith College for "Healing Against All Odds". Organized by Lynne Smith of Harmony Healing Arts, Ana Wolf of Western Massachusetts Animal Rights Advocates, and Animal Advocates of Smith College.


 I hope to see you one way or another! 


  Kari Bagnall

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