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September 30, 2014



The newest edition to our family here at Jungle Friends arrived by private plane at Midnight September 13, 2014.  


Although she has been without monkey friends for the past 15 years, she has had no problem becoming a monkey and reuniting with old friends!


We will reveal her true identity as soon as we are able. Meanwhile her life will be filled with exploration, friendships, monkey love and plenty of playtime!  


The Midnight Monkey's guardian's goodbye was bittersweet. 


Kari Bagnall

PS: Be sure to check out the arrival of our Midnight Monkey in her Photo Album. Be sure to visit our Facebook Page for the up-to-the-minute happenings at the sanctuary.  


Permission to land on Runway 9-9er
Midnight Monkey is ready to deplane

Precious Cargo heading to sanctuary

Chance meets the Midnight Monkey

Ready for transport to her new habitat
Finally released into her habitat!

Wow, she just LOVES her huge habitat!
She recognizes a monkey next door...
it's Connie, they remember each other!

Watch this video of her learning the ropes!

Hmmm, what about those nails?

Basking in the Florida Sunshine!
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