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Wooster Monkeys made the front page of the Gainesville Sun!
Claudia says, "Goodbye"
Nice article in the Wooster News about the retirement, be sure to watch the video.
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This is a video of some of the games the Wooster Monkeys played with the students.
Monkeys live the Good Life at rural sanctuary.
Wonderful article in First Coast Magazine about Jungle Friends. 
The UGA Boys find Sponsors at The Villages in Gainesville.
Keeping it in the family!
Helen and Claudia, mother and daughter, sponsored Job and Xavier, Uncle and nephew, two of our UGA Boys!
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July 31, 2014



The Wooster Monkeys arrived safe and sound! Alex, Pip and Zeke's father, Aunt Jake and Gizmo, a dear friend of the family, were reunited after a two-year separation! 

Jake is the most adventurous -- sitting high up a tree!

And what a reunion it was! They chattered and chattered, I am sure they had lots to tell. Cosmo is very interested in the new girls, however, Jake is more interested in Fat Tony and Roddy...maybe a love connection in the works? We will keep you posted! 

Kari Bagnall

PS: Have a look at more photos of the Wooster Monkeys arrival in their Photo Album. Be sure to visit our Facebook Page for the up-to-the-minute goings on at the sanctuary.  


Claudia introduces Kari to the monkeys
Alex, Jake and Gizmo are ready to get out!

We release them into their indoor enclosure

Equipped with lots of
toys and a/c too!

Jake is the first one out, she brought her food with her.
 All three finally ventured outside!
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