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Pip Daddys coming
"Daddy's moving here? It's really happening? Yay!!!"
May 21, 2014


We're having a family reunion, just in time for Father's Day! Pip and Zeke are going to be reunited with their father Alex, their Aunt Jake, and "family friend" Aunt Gizmo. All five were together in a behavioral research lab at Wooster College in Ohio before Pip and Zeke came to Jungle Friends in 2012. Now the rest of the family is being released from research, and of course they are coming here!

Watch video of students working with Alex, Jake and Gizmo.

Wooster College is partnering with us to make the transition as easy as possible for this monkey family. They have issued a press release, and are helping us raise funds to build habitats and support all five monkeys for their lifetime care. This is so exciting that universities like Wooster College and the University of Georgia are going public and letting the world know that they are caring for their monkeys after their release! It's a new trend and I hope it continues!

We have set up a fundraising campaign on LoveAnimals.org to raise $7000 to build Alex, Jake and Gizmo's habitat. Please contribute to the Love Animals campaign, donate on our website (please comment that the donation is for the Wooster monkeys) or donate by mail. Father's Day is coming up soon!

Aunt Jake
Aunt Gizmo
Aunt Jake
Aunt Gizmo

Just look at this beautiful family! Please help us get them together forever.

Kari Bagnall Lots of monkey love from Kari




P.S. Thank you for your contributions to the University of Georgia monkeys! With the help of University of Georgia we have raised the money needed to get the UGA Boys here and build habitats. Now they need sponsors! Please read the seven monkeys' bios and pick one of these boys to sponsor.
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