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May 4, 2014
Don King and Sloth
Sloth and Don King, in this photo from the   Gainesville Sun, were recently released after more than 20 years in a research lab.


Jungle Friends is in the local news today (read the article here) because unfortunately, some of our neighbors are opposing the expansion that will allow us to offer a home to 175 more monkeys being released from research.

What the neighbors don't know is actually hurting them! They are concerned about disease, noise and odor, but most of them haven't taken us up on our invitations to visit. Several neighbors who did visit completely changed their minds after their tour and now they support the expansion and our mission.

The Gainesville Sun article explains the situation this way:

Bagnall received a threatening letter in March signed anonymously by "concerned citizens of 142 Avenue," which she reported to the Sheriff's Office. "We will take 'whatever means' to prevent the Jungle Friends from expanding! We suggest that you withdraw your application for Special Exemption promptly," the letter stated.

She said she expected some kind of backlash to her proposal because she knew people would have fears about monkeys. "But I never expected a threatening letter from the neighbors. I was in shock," she said. "We've been a good neighbor."

As a loyal supporter and someone who knows us, you are the monkeys' best advocate! Please comment on the Gainesville Sun article, and our Facebook posts, and help us get the word out that Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary poses no real threat to our neighbors.

Monkeys don't make good "pets", but when they are properly housed and cared for, they can make good neighbors!

Kari Bagnall Lots of monkey love from Kari




P.S. Please support us with a comment on the Gainesville Sun article. No matter where you live, it will make a difference.

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