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April 15, 2014


So much monkey business, so little time, and suddenly tax deadlines and springtime holidays are upon us! We are on our way to raising $14,000 toward getting the seven monkeys from the University of Georgia set up for retired life at Jungle Friends -- but we have a ways to go. I donated, and I am asking you to donate, too. No amount is too small (or too large, of course). You can donate on loveanimals.org, by mail, or using this form.

In other monkey news, Bongo is working hard at physical therapy with our vet techs, Kendra and Micah. I got to spend some one-on-one time with him last week, playing a little hide and seek and sharing some early Easter treats (watch for those photos later on Facebook!). I don't know what is more amazing... the incredible devotion and care Bongo gets from everyone at Jungle Friends, or the speed of his recovery and adaptation to life without the use of his legs. And Bongo's girl KC takes such good care of him, grooming him for hours in their comfy ground nest made of pine straw. Bongo's fur has never been so shiny!

Bongo and KC cuddle
Bongo strong arms
Bongo hide and seek
"I'll groom you later, KC. I'm too relaxed now. Zzz."
"Don't call me Bongo any more. Call me Strongo!"
"Maybe if I hide here, Kendra won't make me work out today."

As you finish up your tax returns tonight and wish you had made more charitable donations last year, please remember the monkeys!

Helene GoldsonAll the best,
Helene Goldson
Jungle Friends Volunteer and Board Member

P.S. Please make your donation for the UGA monkeys today!

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