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Tara and Monet
Tara has been waking up a little grumpy on these cold mornings, but Monet usually cheers her up. A new sponsor would cheer her up even more!
A Monkey Frat House?
Frat house indoor
We're making progress on the Frat House in Munchkinland! The building where indoor enclosures for a group of single male cotton-top tamarins will live. They will be the first group to arrive of the 144 cotton-tops who are getting out of research.
The outdoor habitats will be similar to this one in the video being constructed, and will connect to the indoor so they will have lots of room and much to explore.
Almost Wild!
Video Almost Wild
Have a Monkey Party and show our Almost Wild video.
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January 28, 2014


This just in -- we are more than halfway to our fundraising goal for the lifetime care of the seven capuchins who are being released from research at the University of Georgia. Please donate to help us reach our goal, we hope to have the boys here the first of May!
Leo, Job, Chris, Micky, Xavier, Nick and Xenon will arrive in the spring. If we can raise another $165,000, we will have the funds they need for a lifetime of care here at Jungle Friends, please donate today.

Next month I am going to my old stompin grounds, Las Vegas, to attend two Monkey Parties being thrown by my friends for their friends. Evelyn is having a champagne brunch, and Susan
monkey party
For everything you need, go to
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is having friends over for dinner.

We'll show our Almost Wild video, tell monkey stories and raise money to help get more monkeys out of research!

Wherever you are, I would love to come to your monkey party and meet your friends!

Lots of monkey love from Kari




P.S. We need to raise $7,500 for surgical equipment for the new clinic. It's my 60th birthday wish! You will find the list of equipment needed, costs and all of the information at this link on Causes. Maybe you know of surgical equipment that could be donated to our new clinic?! 

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