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Meet the seven retiring capuchins in the University of Georgia's video!
November 13, 2013
Meet the monkeys in this video from UGA

Dear Friend of Jungle Friends,  

I told you in a previous post how the University of Georgia (UGA) is determined to be a role model for other universities retiring research monkeys, and today they released a video and press release about the seven monkeys retiring to Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary.

Not only is UGA donating funds toward the monkey's retirement, they are donating all of their enclosures and other stainless steel equipment that cost about $80,000 new. Since UGA is going out of the 'monkey business' they will no longer need it.

We are so excited to have the help of the UGA development and PR teams! UGA is kicking off a fundraising campaign and some of the UGA alumni who worked with these monkeys have contributed nearly $9,000 to the UGA Retirement Fund already!

Another major force in the animal advocacy world, New England Anti-Vivisection Society (NEAVS) has also joined the effort to retire the UGA monkeys to Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary. Their $32,000 matching grant will go a long way toward meeting our goal of raising more than $420,000 toward an expansion property, habitats and lifetime care for these monkeys.

NEAVS is one of the organizations instrumental in convincing the National Institutes of Health to end the practice of using chimpanzees in research. "A prototype is clearly in the making of a model for all labs to follow" said Dr. Theodora Capaldo, President of NEAVS. "Thank you UGA for accepting responsibility, for caring about these capuchins and for allowing NEAVS to come to know Job, whose history we find particularly moving." (Job was orphaned at an early age when his mother succumbed to meningitis.)The monkeys need YOUR help! Here's how:

to everyone you know who believes animals should be retired to a permanent sanctuary home after research.

Read our proposal, with details on the funds needed, pledges so far, and UGA monkey bios.

Donate! So far we have raised $52,600. And once the NEAVS match has been met, we will have a total of $121,600 toward our goal of $420,000!

P.S. You can get all the details of the UGA monkeys on our website here. Please donate to help us meet our fundraising goal before they arrive in 2014!