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Happy Halloween!
We gave the monkeys pumpkins, and Ebi decided to turn his into a circus ball. Watch him here.
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Monkey Movies
Sloth and Don King are socialized and living together! Within a few minutes after we let them into the same habitat, they started playing like they had known each other forever. No more lonely lab lives.
We have a winner!
Congratulations to Dorothy Garwick, the winner of our cottage weekend. And Jennifer Ackerman won a monkey masterpiece! Their names were drawn from everyone who became a Summer Monkey Buddy.
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Welcome to the Hurdy Gurdy girls!
October 31, 2013

Dear Friend of Jungle Friends,   
Anthony Lupo says goodbye to his beloved girls, Coco and Mikki.

Most people (and sometimes their animals) put on a costume for Halloween... but the Hurdy Gurdy girls have given up their costumes. Coco and Mikki have retired from the entertainment world, accompanying the Hurdy Gurdy Man (Anthony Lupo) on appearances in the Boston area for 32 years. Now they are ready to live out a long retirement at Jungle Friends.

Gini Rose and Madison have been chattering away with Coco and Mikki, so maybe we will have our first group of four ladies soon!

Kari Bagnall Lots of monkey love from Kari




P.S. Coco and Mikki got here just in time to get their birthdays on the new Jungle Friends calendars. Order your 2014 Monkey Calendar today!
Coco (left) is 32, and Mikki is 23. "The decision to place Coco and Mikki was a very emotional and unselfish one for our family," the Lupos said. "They are going to be fine here."
Monkey Day 2013
Jenn Feuerstein of Save the Chimps, Dr. Michelle Martino, and Dr. Dorothy M. Fragaszy catch up with Kari Bagnall on Monkey Day.

Thank you to all of our monkey sponsors, supporters and their guests who came out to the Sanctuary for our first-ever Monkey Day! The monkeys say a big thank you for over $2,000 donated on Monkey Day. Check out our Monkey Day Photo Album.

We hope to see our monkey sponsors next year on Monkey Day on October 25, 2014. Mark the date in your new Monkey Calendar!

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