Don King and Sloth are almost home & Jersey is getting a girlfriend!
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Jersey annointing
When monkeys find a strong smell they like, they will rub it all over in a behavior called anointing. Watch Jersey go! 
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Dylan and Monkers hug
Monkers turns 7 this month. Just a baby herself when she came here, she's now foster mom to younger monkeys like Dylan. Sponsor Monkers or get this photo on a T-shirt or tote bag.
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Volunteers washing bowls
Brad Parsons and Karen Walker wash diet bowls -- a very important job at the sanctuary!
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Building the last two habitats
September 12, 2013
Bob Ingersoll with Motley Crue
Bob Ingersoll has a chat with Dumbo and Roddy.

Dear Friend of Jungle Friends,  

This just in -- Don King and Sloth have been cleared for release from research. And Don King has his first sponsor, Bob Ingersoll, primatologist and friend of Nim Chimpsky. Now Sloth needs his first sponsor, and Don King can always use more sponsors.

Don and Sloth's habitats
Don King and Sloth will be living in these two beautiful habitats, with lots of room to play and get acclimated before we socialize them. Check out the Photo Album.
These two capuchins have been species-isolated for the first two decades of their lives, living in a laboratory near, but not with other capuchin monkeys. One of our groups of brown capuchins came from the same study, who knows, they may meet up with some old friends.

Thank you to everyone who donated to Don King and Sloth's habitats. A couple more weeks of hard work, and we will be ready for these boys to come home on September 24!

Kari Bagnall Lots of monkey love from Kari




P.S. Please sponsor Don King and Sloth!
I'm getting a monkey girlfriend!
Jersey play face
Elizabeth has been showing lots of interest in Jersey, flirting and showing off to him. She has come a long way since her illness in the spring and soon she will join him in his habitat.
Jersey is one happy monkey!
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