It's Summer Monkey Buddy time! Win a monkey encounter!
Puchi can be your neighbor for a weekend! Make two Summer Monkey Buddy donations for $168 and you will be entered to win a Monkey Encounter. Stay onsite for two nights and meet the monkeys!

Summer Breeze by ChiChi
Every Summer Monkey Buddy will be entered to win a free original monkey masterpiece. This piece is "Summer Breeze" by ChiChi.

Summertime Fun Videos

Baby monkeys in the big pool video
Watch the baby monkeys having a big time in their pool.
Video watermelon
Watermelon is one of the monkeys' favorite summertime treats!

Samantha with popsicle
Samantha says "Don't even think about taking away the popsicle from my Summer Monkey Buddy!"

Become a Summer Monkey Buddy and win a Monkey Encounter!
July 11, 2013
Helene and Ellie Mae
My Summer Monkey Buddy, little Ellie Mae, and me. She loved the organic popsicle!

Dear Friend of Jungle Friends,   

Summer Monkey Buddies are back! Last summer, so many of you became Summer Monkey Buddies that we exceeded our $20,000 goal. This year, our goal is even more ambitious. If we can raise $50,000 by September 30, a generous foundation will donate a matching $50,000.

It's easy to help. Just donate $84 to become a Summer Monkey Buddy. I did!

When you become a Summer Monkey Buddy, you will receive a wallet-sized photo and monkey art print from your Buddy. Even better, you will be entered to win an original masterpiece created by one of our talented monkey artists.

If you make two or more Summer Monkey Buddy donations, you can win a Monkey Encounter (you pick the dates). You and a friend will stay for two nights in the Jungle Friends Cottage, get behind-the-scenes tours, meet the monkeys and share delicious meals with the Jungle Friends staff, interns, and volunteers. Have I said you will meet the monkeys? You will!

Take it from me, just meeting Puchi is an experience that will change you. You will get to meet the monkeys -- ALL the monkeys! Tiny marmosets and tamarins, athletic spider monkeys, colorful squirrel monkeys, sweet brown capuchins, wacky weeper capuchins, and our iconic white-faced capuchins. They are all waiting to meet you!

Please help us and your gift will be matched for a total of $100,000! That $100,000 will go a long way toward providing food, shelter, medical care and enrichment for all of the monkeys at Jungle Friends.

I hope you will show your support for this fundraising goal, as you so often do. Please take a few minutes and become a Summer Monkey Buddy!

Best regards,
Helene signature
Helene Goldson
Volunteer and Board Member

P.S. I can't wait to introduce the winner of the Monkey Encounter to all of the monkeys. Make two or more Summer Monkey Buddy donations and you can win it!

Phil with blackberry
Phil loved the blackberries we picked for him. My son Zack sponsors Phil by making a
monthly donation.
Dylan and Monkers hug
Dylan and Monkers will be buddies forever, but there is room in their hearts for you to become their Summer Monkey Buddy!
Travis is thinking about how much fun he will have meeting the winner of the Cottage stay.
ChiChi with watermelon
Who can resist becoming ChiChi's Summer Monkey Buddy!