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Amy 2013
Amy's arrival was featured in the Gainesville Sun
Jungle Fun, by Goldie Hawn
Watch the monkeys create their masterpieces in
"Painting is Deliciously Fun".
Gainesville Today April 2013
Our monkeys have the best tails in this local magazine article about Gainesville, Florida's symbiotic relationship with animals.
We're hoping this unusually blue-eyed beauty, Picasso, will become Amy's first monkey friend in her new home.
Bev, shown here with Annabelle (one of her sponsored monkeys), sponsors THREE Jungle Friends monkeys!
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Monkeys Need Mothers Too!
May 9, 2013

Dear Friend of Jungle Friends,   
Dylan is lucky to have Monkers

Mother's Day comes in just a few days, and if you haven't come up with just the right gift, the monkeys have an idea. A monkey sponsorship in your mom's name!

So many of our monkeys are former 'pets' who never knew their monkey mothers. Breeders literally pry the clinging babies away from their mothers creating Broken Bonds.

I want to cry every time I think of this cruel process -- a process I witnessed 20 years ago and decided I had to do something for those desperate babies and heartbroken mothers. If only they could talk, just about any Jungle Friends monkey you choose to sponsor could tell the same sad story. You can read about two of our baby monkeys in Motherless Day.

Despite our best efforts, Justin Beiber's baby monkey Mally will be staying in Germany at an undisclosed location. I am promised that Mally will live with others of his species. Let's hope that promise is kept and Mally can leave the solitary life he has experienced.

Kari Bagnall Lots of monkey love from Kari




P.S. If you didn't catch the Anderson Live "Monkids" segment on April 30, you can watch it on the Jungle Friends Youtube channel. The monkey guests made it pretty clear by their behavior that they are not suited to life as pets or TV stars.
Rock and Roll Royalty Loves Monkeys!
Backstage with Tommy Shaw
The Jungle Friends gang backstage with Styx lead singer Tommy Shaw and his daughter Hannah.
When Kari got a call from Hannah Shaw, she had no idea it would lead to this! Legendary rock band Styx's nonprofit, Rock to the Rescue, benefits local communities where they tour. And since animal causes are close to Director Hannah Shaw's heart, she picked Jungle Friends to receive a portion of the proceeds from raffling an autographed guitar at the St. Augustine concert last Friday. After the concert, Jungle Friends volunteers went backstage to visit with Hannah's dad, Styx lead singer Tommy Shaw. Go to our Styx Fundraiser Album to see photos of the concert!

Hannah Shaw The day before the concert Hannah Shaw visited the monkeys at the sanctuary. This is what Hannah had to say about it:

"This week I had the honor of visiting Jungle
Friends Primate Sanctuary, a groundbreaking monkey rescue organization advocating for the end of private ownership. Most of the monkeys they rescue have spent their lives living alone. Now these intelligent, emotional, funny creatures live in sanctuary in sunny Florida. I couldn't be more thrilled to support them through Rock to the Rescue and encourage EVERYONE to learn more about how you can help them save these incredible beings!"
Jungle Friends couldn't be more thrilled to have Hannah and Tommy Shaw for our newest Jungle Friends.
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