Another Monkey Heading Our Way! 
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We are saddened that Mally will not be joining the monkeys at Jungle Friends.
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Amanda and Alex
Amanda completed her internship and receives her certificate and a card painted by her favorite monkey friends.
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Amy the Spider Monkey Arrives Saturday!


April 25, 2013 


Dear Friend of Jungle Friends,  


We have been building and building and then building some more to accommodate the next monkey on our waiting list! 

Another new habitat to accommodate
another new monkey! 

Amy is coming to Jungle Friends this Saturday! Carol and Don from Ohio had Amy 23 of her 24 years. When Amy was young they were able to handle her, but as the years went by Amy changed - she turned into a monkey. She has been in a large cage in their basement for the last 15 years, we are all very excited about introducing Amy to the great outdoors!


New spider runways will connect three habitats together!

When the State of Ohio regulations about primates changed, Amy's humans could no longer comply. They researched sanctuaries, visited a couple and decided that Jungle Friends would be the best place for Amy.


Claude & Nicole put up the new spider runways!

Amy's humans will stay at the sanctuary with her for at least a week to settle her in so that she knows she is safe in her new environment.


We plan to situate Amy between Piccasso and Travis and Noah and Patty. We are sure she will find a monkey friend, and until then, she will have a lot of new human friends! 


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Lots of monkey love from Kari
P.S. Please don't forget to set your DVR for Anderson Live this Tuesday, April 30th. I will be on the show, as well as two 'pet' monkeys, yikes!!

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