Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary
Happy Easter from Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary!
Zeke egg
Zeke takes his egg way up high to see what's inside.
Please donate Easter Egg hunts for Zeke's friends in neighboring habitats!
March 26, 2013

Dear Friend of Jungle Friends,

Easter is right around the corner, and the monkeys love a good Easter egg hunt! You can give the monkeys in one habitat a fun activity with yummy treats for a donation of just $18. Or donate $33 for two and $47 and provide Easter egg hunts for the monkeys in three habitats!

We fill the eggs with nutritious treats for each monkey, and they get the fun of hunting. Activities like these are very important for the monkeys, simulating life in the wild where they occupy much of their time looking for food.

Please help us enrich the monkeys' days this Easter!
Lots of monkey love from Kari
 Jungle Friends wishes you a Happy Easter, filled with monkey love!
LuLu can't wait to eat her Easter egg treats. And it's a blue egg -- her favorite color!
ChiChi tells Puchi and Wendell to get their own eggs and leave hers alone.

 P.S. We are heading to the vet school to see Lucy right now, look for immediate updates, photos and videos on Facebook and a Jungle News post will go out in the next couple of days.
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