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February 14, 2013

Dear Friend of Jungle Friends,

Jungle Friends is proud to announce the rescue of ten monkeys last year. This was no small feat, it takes a village and we are thankful that we have your support and compassion to make it possible for us to continue to rescue monkeys in need!

Meet KC and Zeke, two of our new arrivals... 


KC Profile

KC in tree
Zeke with baseball
KC spent twenty nine years all alone until she
came to Jungle Friends and met Bongo.
Watch as KC meets Bongo.
Zeke arrived after being released from
research with his best friend Pip.
Watch TV 20's report on Pip and Zeke.

Summer Breeze by ChiChi 
Monkey Art 

Please sponsor one of our new arrivals. KC and Zeke are our featured monkeys and both need sponsors. Join our Sponsor-A-Monkey (SAM) program and sponsor a monkey in the name of a loved one for Valentine's Day. Share your heart with a monkey.

Our gift to you for sponsoring KC or Zeke is an original work of art created by our monkey artists!  As you can see, they are quite talented! 

               Lots of monkey love from Kari        Kari Bagnall

P.S. In a special Podcast "Looking Back, Moving Forward" ARZone speaks with 35 animal advocates and activists from around the world, including me! 

When we need habitats - we can count on NAVS!


National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS) is dedicated to promoting greater compassion, respect and justice for animals through educational programs based on respected ethical and scientific theory. Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary is fortunate to have their support in building habitats for so many of our monkeys.


When a monkey needs a home, Jungle Friends is called, when Jungle Friends needs a habitat NAVS is called! And in some cases, NAVS will call us. Kari was in Texas assessing the rescue of 25 capuchin monkeys when Clare from NAVS tracked her down to let her know that NAVS would help with funding -- we love NAVS! 

Pip and Zeke 

 out of research and enjoying a NAVS habitat. 

Rachel and baby

Michelle and her baby Cindy live at Jungle Friends thanks to NAVS.

Watch this video of mama and baby. 




Habitat Under Construction 

NAVS habitat under construction - almost ready for two more monkeys getting out of research!

Click here to watch a video of a habitat being built. 

You have now entered the Birthday Zone!

Lots of birthdays this month - Kari, our founder, shares the Birthday Zone with Lulu and Dodger! Go to Kari's Birthday Wish and watch videos of the monkeys with their mouths full of cake.

Birthday Cake Feb 2013
Lulu and Bri

Lulu enjoying her cake!
Dodger Birthday 2013
Dodger loves the icing!


It is not too late to Adopt A Monkey for a loved one for Valentine's Day!

And it's not too late to sign up for the Free the Animals Conference!
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