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First Play Date

Peanut and Giz

Watch the video of Giz and Peanut's very first meeting!


"Romance at Jungle Friends"

Romance at Jungle Friends

It was love at first sight for Fiona...she knew want she wanted and she wanted Goober!


"Stealing Kisses"

Stealing Kisses  

ChiChi was shy at first, but BamBam finally convinced him to be her Valentine!

Share Your Heart

Abby, Buddie, Don Knots, Udi and Pipperoo want to thank you for making their Valentine's Day special!  




Macy has really been in our face about why she has not been adopted...please adopt Macy as your special Valentine!
It is not too late to adopt a monkey for your special someone.


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Ernie Keebler
Ernie Keebler wants to be adopted for Valentine's Day! There's still time...
don't delay!

Bam Bam wants to be your Valentine...
Watch Bam Bam's video "Crazy Love!"














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