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Wishing you a Monkey Thanksgiving! 
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Thanksgiving Pie
Don Knotts & Larry enjoy Thanksgiving dessert. Thank you Mira & Jasmine for your Thanksgiving dinner donations!

Gini Rose on TV20
Watch Gini Rose and Geoff say goodbye. "It's time for her to be a monkey," Geoff says.
November 14, 2012
Dear Friend of Jungle Friends, 

Isn't ChiChi beautiful?
This year, the monkeys are giving thanks for YOU! On holidays, we always try to give the monkeys a special treat, and this year we're giving them four-course Thanksgiving dinners of nuts, fruit, veggies, and even pumpkin pie. It takes several days to serve everyone, so every day another group of monkeys gets the special dinner. You can help make sure everyone gets to participate by donating $48 per dinner (or $12 per course.)

ChiChi, our new female squirrel monkey, has arrived and the boys are all excited! This petite little girl wasn't quite sure yet what to do with all of the attention, but it won't be long before she will pick her new companion. Don't forget to vote for your favorite bachelor!

Another capuchin monkey, Gini Rose, also arrived this week. You can read all about her below -- and watch our newsletter for videos as she settles in! Both Gini Rose and ChiChi need sponsors. Wouldn't a monkey sponsorship make a great holiday gift?

Kari Bagnall Lots of monkey love from Kari

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Former pet Gini Rose finds a new home at Jungle Friends
Geoff and Gini Rose

This week we welcomed a new weeper capuchin named Gini Rose. Hers is a fairly common story for pet primates: Her humans, the Barnharts, loved her like a child, but life got in the way of their ability to care for her. In addition, she recently bit three different neighbors (reasonable behavior for a monkey but not so nice for the bitees).

Now Geoff Barnhart is moving from Florida to California, where pet monkeys are illegal. Geoff brought her to Jungle Friends, and is spending several days here getting her settled in. "Saying goodbye to Gini Rose is hard because she has been my companion since my wife passed away," Geoff said. "But maybe now she can have a boyfriend. That is something I can't do for her," he jokes.  
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It was an Almost Wild Monkey Party!
Monkey party

Our monkey party at board member Helene Goldson's home here in Gainesville Florida was a feast of vegan food and a fundraising success, raising $650 for the monkeys. Several friends who haven't been involved with Jungle Friends before now embrace our mission of providing sanctuary to monkeys -- and they are ready to help!

Have a monkey party of your own and get your friends involved!