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ChiChi arrives just in time for a Monkey Thanksgiving! 

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November 7, 2012
Dear Friend of Jungle Friends, 

ChiChi, our new squirrel monkey, will be arriving tomorrow! Claude and his team will be here all day finishing up her habitat. Thank you all for donating toward the $1,000 matching gift, we sure appreciate your help!

It is a Monkey Thanksgiving at the sanctuary!  The monkeys love Thanksgiving, because it's all about their favorite activity -- eating! Help us give every monkey a special four-course dinner by donating $48! (Or donate $12 per course.)
Four Course Meal
The new Jungle Friends Monkey Calendars are here! Featuring some of our new monkeys, like Annabelle, Max, and Pip, as well as old favorites like Clydette, Puchi and Peanut. Our 2013 calendar will help you stay organized and add some monkey fun to your wall.

I had a great time in St Louis at the Free the Animals conference, where I made a presentation about the challenges we face with retired research monkeys. Please donate to our Research Retirement Fund to help us build more habitats for monkeys being released from the laboratory.

Lots of monkey love from Kari

Watch "Frankie and Annabelle: Young Love"
Frankie and Annabelle
Watch it here
Annabelle was rescued from a hoarder and had never been with another monkey. Frankie has been at the sanctuary about two years waiting for his lady love. These two were very shy at first, especially Annabelle. Frankie patiently waited until she was ready before reaching out to her. Now these two can be seen grooming and playing every day! 
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