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The Bachelorette,  
Monkey Style
Which bachelor do you think Chi Chi will choose?

Axl, aka Oscar the Grouch

New York Louie

Simon the KISSer
Simon the KISSer

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October 16, 2012
Dear Friend of Jungle Friends, 

Anticipation is building in Squirrelville for the arrival of the new girl in town - being the only girl in town she will choose from our most eligible bachelors!
ChiChi the squirrel monkey
Meet ChiChi,
our monkey bachelorette!

Chi Chi was relinquished to Primate Rescue Center because her 'owner' was being evicted. They will transport Chi Chi to Jungle Friends. This will make our third Chi Chi!

Since Chi Chi can't move in with any of the boys right away, we need to quickly raise $2,500 to build her bachelorette pad.

An anonymous donor pledged a $1,000 matching gift toward her new habitat. Please donate and double your money!

Who will Chi Chi choose as her companion? No one knows, so we must get bachelors Louie, Simon and Axl ready for Chi Chi's arrival - that means monkey vasectomies. Your donation to the Memorial Medical Fund will help pay for their vasectomies to ensure no baby monkeys are born into captivity.

And just for fun, we want you to predict which of our three most eligible bachelors Chi Chi will choose! Vote for your prediction, and we will randomly select a winner from the people who voted for her choice. The winner will receive original Monkey Art!

Will Chi Chi charm grumpy Axl? Bond with fellow ex-pet Louie from New York? Or will she just give a big KISS to Simon?

Lots of monkey love from Kari

P.S. Chi Chi will need sponsors! Watch our Facebook page for updates the minute she arrives.
Featured Video: Timmy & Dylan's vasectomies 
Fall seems to be vasectomy season at Jungle Friends. Our favorite vet, Dr. Schirmer, let Kari stay with the boys until they were asleep, to make sure they experienced as little stress as possible. At the end of the video, Dylan's reunion with his surrogate mom, Monkers, is something to see -- and hear! Watch it here.
(Rated R for Realistic)
Timmy and Dylan grow up
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