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Ron Sully - Director of Marketing 

March / April 2015  
   OMNInewsOriginal  Virtual instruments mimic reality Virtual instruments (or virtual tools) are computer software simulations of physical devices. They can be simple as a "volume slider" or "button press" on a computer screen, smartphone, or tablet. You may be familiar with flow charts and wireframes: page schematics used to display information, functions and priorities. Unlike their static brethren, virtual tools are the computer generated, live and sometimes animated versions, that react to user input like the physical machines they pretend to be.

    Kickstarter's Costly Lessons  A successful and fully-funded Kickstarter campaign is high on the wish list for most first time inventors, but let's be clear. As the designers of the Une Bobine flexible smartphone stand and charger cable can tell you - a Kickstarter campaign is not for those sensitive to pressure . . or time . . or money.

   The author discusses his firm's long road to success, and offers some good insights overcoming the roadblocks they encountered, like glitches in the supply chain, order fulfillment, and dealing with shady resellers and retailers.
  Fuse Chicken's Une Bobine iPhone charging cable and holder.
   Online privacy for health-related searches 
Have you noticed after you search for  something on the Internet, a sofa for instance, that subsequent web browsing includes ads for those same products? Your queries are being tracked, but not just for products. Companies are tracking your health-related searches, too. The scary fact is, third parties can farm this information and sell it to corporations who can assemble dossiers on unwitting users. If you are concerned, you can protect yourself from those trackers with Privacy Badger.

   The real life Q  James Bond always has the coolest gadgets, but Ralph Osterhout is a real person who builds spy gear even 007 would envy. How about a tiny helicopter with day and night vision cameras hidden inside a cigar? The inventor discusses how spying has changed over the years, and how it's different from the movies we find so entertaining. You'll laugh when you read about the contribution our feathered avian friends have made to the spy game. Osterhout Design Group is located in San Francisco. OSG R-6 Smart Glasses $4,946.00
   Eyeballing game  Those of you who build things as a creative outlet will have fun with this game. Can you tell if an angle is not square? Do you notice when a picture at your house is not straight? Some call it a curse, always lining things up. I prefer to think of it as a talent. Take this test and you'll know for sure if you are a gifted eyeballer. 
Rex, I had trouble with the parallelograms. Hopefully you can do better.

 OMNICA News and Announcements . . .  

Credence MedSystems wins drug delivery innovation awards In 2014 Safeshot, a startup firm who originally hired us to improve and develop their existing syringe technology into a reliable and manufacturable retractable needle syringe, was renamed Credence MedSystems. They refined the technology we pioneered and are now a credible player in the prefilled syringe industry with a best-in-class, customizable injection device.    Companion Safety Syringe System



This year, Credence MedSystems' innovative Companion Safety Syringe System won two awards: First Prize at the 2015 Pharmapak Conference Innovation Awards in Paris, and the year 2014 Drug Delivery Innovation Award for "Best and Most Innovative Advancements in Drug Delivery" at the Drug Delivery Partnership Annual Conference in Florida. We are proud to have contributed to their success


  March Calendar Quiz  
  What is Charlie the squirrel doing in the April calendar image?  correct answer will score  you a Starbuck's coffee card. Make the best use of it by reading when to drink coffee for maximum effectiveness. If you want a 2105 desk calendar contact me.
There are only 10 calendars left.


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