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Ron Sully - Director of Marketing 

November/December 2014 
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Getting Started in a Career as a Product Designer. Career advice can be helpful, especially when it's coming from someone who is successful in your area of interest. Earl Robinson, Omnica's president, reveals why he chose this career, ingredients for job satisfaction, and what he looks for in a prospective employee. If you like solving problems and you don't think science is too "hard"; a career in product design and development could be a possibility.        

     Barriers to Women in Tech Jobs  Most women in "STEM" (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields) like their jobs, so why are they more likely than men to leave the industry within the year? Is it gender bias that causes them to feel out of place in the tech culture? This article cites a number of reasons, but a surprising factor holding women back is lack of a sponsor, a person who is willing to help them move up. 



Trends Shaping American Manufacturing  America is responsible for about 20% of the goods produced throughout the world. Our output is six times higher that it was 50 years ago, yet the share of manufacturing in our work force is steadily shrinking. That's typical for a country as it develops into a richer society and the work force redistributes to  activities like education and  travel.

Experts are saying mass production of low value products will stay in China, where there is plenty of minimum-wage labor. But unskilled labor can't manufacture high-value products like med-tech and high-precision aerospace equipment, which are among the fastest growing manufacturing categories. Producers have come to understand that the supply chain for these high-value products has been stretched too far, and they are seeking skilled labor closer to their U.S. customer base. 


Our labor force is better at developing and manufacturing the types of products in the rapidly expanding categories hardware firms are eager to sell.  These trends are creating more opportunities for highly-skilled and higher-wage technical jobs stateside.


   Finally, a Longer Lasting Battery in our Lifetime  There are numerous articles celebrating new battery technologies , but maybe you've noticed these breakthroughs never seem to make it to the hardware store. Finally, researchers in Singapore have developed modified lithium-ion batteries with a new gel material in the anode that can charge quickly, and last 10 times longer than today's lithium-ions. They say the technology, based on relatively cheap titanium dioxide nanotubes will be on the market in two years. That means we will see them at the Depot by 2016 - I hope.

  Asteroid Chasers   With a pair of binoculars you can see the Moon is carpeted with impact pockmarks. If you think about it, Earth has been hit more often than our heavenly neighbor, but the craters are hidden by water and vegetation, or healed by geologic movement. I've also read how unlikely NASA's "rock hunters" would miss identifying a big asteroid before it collided with our home planet and changed life as we know it.


What about a small one, bigger than a football field, which could level San Francisco Bay or cause a huge tsunami? Last March a 330-foot giant (2013 ET) missed Earth by 240,000 miles. The scary part is it wasn't discovered until 6 days before the event. Scientists will have the ability to track these smaller, but potentially destructive near-Earth objects when deep space telescope Sentinel is launched in 2018.

If we detect the asteroid soon enough, a nuclear blast won't be necessary to divert its path from a hit to a miss. According to Scott Hubbard, a former NASA director, "We just need to alter its velocity by about the speed of an ant walking" to avoid disaster.


OMNICA News and Announcements . . .  

   Omnica Pumpkin Party  It's that time of year again, when our best designers and engineers work overtime to create pumpkins with themes you've never imagined. Can you picture a Captain Nemo "Nautilus" pumpkin, or a Mayan pumpkin with a crown that features a floating spaceship? I didn't think so.

Every year is better than the last, and we
've been doing this for awhile. Visit on Friday the 31st, Omnica's 30th birthday, and expand your imagination. Bring a pumpkin if you want to enter the contest. 



   Employment opportunity
We still need another talented Mechanical Engineer to join the Omnica team.  
1)  Minimum 10 years healthcare product development experience  
2)  Hands-on engineer with 3D CAD proficiency  
3)  Capable of working on multiple projects with interdisciplinary teams.                            
                           Contact Earl Robinson, president, at employment@omnica.com
    November Calendar Quiz  
Who is holding a frozen turkey (we did turkey bowling one year and have pictures to prove it) in the November calendar image? A correct answer will win you a Starbucks gift card. Make the best use of it by reading when to drink coffee for maximum effectiveness. Be sure to contact me if you want a 2105 desk calendar. I'll be sending them out before the first of the year.   
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