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 Ron Sully - Director of Marketing 

June/July 2014

Crocs successfully defended their design.
  Bolster your portfolio with design patents. The design patent has been around over 150 years, largely as an afterthought in the intellectual property world. Most product designers believe the most effective way to protect IP is with utility patents. That way of thinking has led to many misconceptions, mostly due to lack of understanding. In fact, the best way to protect the physical appearance of a product is with a well-executed and relatively inexpensive design patent.     

   FDA speeds the approval of medical devices  A new proposal by the FDA will speed approval of high-risk medical devices to treat or diagnose patients with serious conditions who have needs unmet by current technologies. The "Expedited Access PPMA" or "EAP" is similar to a program for expediting development of certain cancer drugs in the clinical trial stage.
   There are a number of requirements for eligibility in the program, and the FDA will still apply an approval standard of reasonable assurance of safety and efficacy. The goal of the program is to shorten the overall time and cost it takes for the development, assessment and review of medical devices, and to improve how FDA staff and the medical device community work together.
   The greatest benefit will be prioritizing therapies that will affect patients who would have otherwise run out of options. Read more details of the EAP program here.

Do I have enough money to bring my idea to market? Certainly the most frequent question we get from new prospects is "How much will it cost?" We are good at estimating our part of the equation, but generally speaking, the cost of bringing a product to market is more expensive most people realize. This Kickstarter campaign amassed six times what the author had hoped for, and though he basically worked for free, there were few profits afterwards. This short and enlightening case study illustrates the need for comprehensive planning before starting a project.    

These plates have equal amounts of food. 

Lose weight with a smaller plate 
Portion control is one of the healthiest ways to control calorie input, but few practice the well-researched advice. Since the 1970s, greater portion sizes have paralleled increasing body weights and weight-related health problems.
   Fortunately, there is hope for all of us in the form of optical illusions. Studies have shown you can trick your brain into thinking you're eating more if you chose a smaller plate over a larger one. Further studies claim plate color plays a role too. Higher contrast between food and the dinnerware it is served on results in lower perceived portion sizes.

  When a feature becomes a flaw  One of the primary selling features of Google's Nest Smoke Detector is the ability tosilence false alarms with the wave of a hand rather than a stab of a broom handle. The "feature" has initiated a 440,000 unit recall. Product designers didn't think things through when usability tests demonstrated frenzied hand motions during a fire could prevent the device's alarm from alerting others to wake up and seek safety.



OMNICA News and Announcements . . .

Kurt Hildebrand, Electronics Engineer
Kurt is our newest employee. He is a native Californian, raised in Loma Linda. Kurt attended Walla Walla University and graduated with an EE degree. At Omnica, our newest EE writes "C" code for micro-controllers, tests, debugs, verifies PCB designs, and stuffs circuit boards.
   For fun he rides a carbon fiber mountain bike, likes to swim, play piano, and compose music.  Yes, Kurt is wearing an "Engineer's" hat.  
Broaden the appeal of your company image  Our design and engineering industry whitepapers can help establish your website as an information portal. The original articles are a source of topics your visitors will find interesting, and we invite you to add PDF links where you deem them most useful. --------It's easy -------- Right click the PDF link next to the article you want to publish, and copy the address. 
Employment opportunity       

 We are searching for a talented Mechanical Engineer to join the Omnica team.
1)  Minimum 10 years healthcare product development experience
2)  Hands-on engineer with 3D CAD proficiency
3)  Capable of working on multiple projects with interdisciplinary teams.

Contact Earl Robinson, president, at employment@omnica.com

  July Calendar Quiz 
The July calendar image illustrates the joy of over population. Can you name one of the three Omnica employees frolicking in the Chinese pool? A right answer will win you a Starbucks coffee card. Make the best use of it by reading when to drink coffee for maximum effectiveness. Also, if you would like a 2014 desk calendar, contact me and I'll send it to your address.

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