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           CITRU-GEST/ Concentrated Citrus

           Solvent Cleaner/Degreaser
 CITRU-GEST quickly and effectively dissolves protein soils, heavy concentrations of grease, oils, ink, gum and soil from virtually any hard surface. With the pleasant fragrance of oranges and grapefruit, CITRU-GEST resolves most stubborn malodor problems and emulsifies built up deposits in drains and grease traps so they simply rinse away. CITRU-GEST removes greasy road soil, tar, and pine pitch from automotive and hard surfaces, degreases and cleans concrete, metal, and engines. CITRU-GEST dissolves a wide range of adhesives making it highly effective at cleaning up residues left by the removal of vinyl tile and carpet as well as labels and decals,an excellent option for removing black  heel & tire tread  marks on epoxy floors . CITRU-GEST is biodegradable and non-corrosive to metals and most hard surfaces.  80% concentration D'Limonene. WOW!!!!   

 Note: Citru-Gest should always be tested on some surfaces as it may affect the gloss level. 





               CITRU-CLEAN / Concentrated Citrus
                     Degreaser / All-Purpose Cleaner
 CITRU-CLEAN Cleaner/Degreaser is a highly effective combination of natural citrus solvents and specialty surfactants. CITRU-CLEAN 's superior solvency and soil suspension properties make it an ideal choice for cleaning protein soils, animal & vegetable and petroleum based oils, fats and greases in schools, restaurants, hospitals, food processing and handling facilities, machine shops, warehouses, and commercial garages. An excellent solution for for removing black tire marks from forklift traffic on epoxy floors. CITRU-CLEAN  is safe for use on stone, marble, ceramic tile, concrete, stainless steel and aluminum, fiberglass, formica and sealed wood. CITRU-CLEAN can be used in automatic scrubbers, mop and wringer buckets or applied using trigger, pump or pressurized sprayers. CITRU-CLEAN is non-corrosive, non-toxic and biodegrabable formulation is exceptionally effective while being safe for maintenance personnel to use.
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Power Punch 22 draught beer line cleaner utilizes a superior, high quality blend of surfactants and detergents to safely and quickly remove buildup in draught beer lines. While other beer line cleaners use high concentrations of dangerous caustics (similar to drain openers) to burn out beer lines, Power Punch 22 cleans safely and effectively without the corrosive chemicals that can harm equipment, cleaning personnel or  patrons. Power Punch 22's bright, florescent green, food grade dye facilitates the complete rinsing of draught beer lines, eliminating the risk of cleaning solution being left in  the lines.

Power Punch 22 ensures that patrons receive the  best  tasting beer possible, time and time again.



        Go ahead check out similar products  in the industry, you will not find          any product like  Power Punch 22, "THE GREEN BEER LINE CLEANER." 





This product will give you a really good excuse to stop by your favorite watering hole.




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