July 2014





Ed Van Istendal


David M. Hyres Pest Control

Coatesville, PA


Paul Kutney 

President Elct

Ashley, PA


David M. Hyres

Past President

David M. Hyres Pest Control

Douglassville, PA 




Central Division

Gary Lesher


Perry Pest Control

Landisburg, PA


Chris Anfinsen


Mechanicsburg, PA


Keith Hamilton

J.C. Ehrlich

Pleasant Gap, PA


Keith Jones

Archer Pest Control

Camp Hill, PA


Eastern Division


Jim Daly


Daly Termite & Pest Mgmnt

Ardmore, PA



Ed Van Istendal

1st Vice Governor

Coatesville, PA


Mike Snyder

Township Pest Control

Warrington, PA


Jim Nase

Moyer Indoor/Outdoor




Northeast Division

Paul Kutney


Ashley, PA


Diane Lown

Ajax Environmental Solutions

Dalton, PA


Jeff King

The Pest Rangers

Hanover Twp., PA


Western Division

John Morrison


D-Bug, Inc.

Latrobe, PA


Adam Witt

Witt Pest Management

Pittsburgh, PA


Eric Herrington


Bridgeville, PA


John Besic

Besic Pest Control

Transfer, PA


Technical Advisor


Chad Gore

Rentokil North America

Carnegie, PA


AWDII Chairman


Ed Van Istendal

Coatesville, PA


Legislative Chairman


Keith Hamilton

J.C. Ehrlich

 State College, PA


Bed Bug Taskforce Chairman


Marty Overline

Aardvark Pest Management

Philadelphia, PA


Salino Scholarship Chair 

Dana Lown

Ajax Environmental Solutions

Dalton, PA


Industry Liaison


Brian Smith


Sharon Hill, PA


Executive Director

Versant Strategies

Harrisburg, PA

















Dear Friends:


It's hard to believe that July is here already!  The good news is that Governor Corbett held a press conference today to announce that he has finally signed the Commonwealth's FY2014/15 general fund budget, albeit after the June 30th deadline. The bad news, at least for the General Assembly, is that with his signature he also "blue lined" portions of the budget (which means that he reduced and/or eliminated funding lines) eliminating $65 million dollars designated for legislative operations including salaries and expenses and $7.2 million in legislative dollars to state agencies. He also reiterated his intention to push for pension reform and may consider calling a special session to address this priority.  At this point, the Senate ad House are not expected to return for session until September.  Time will tell.


Please note the information below from NPMA on updating and adding the zip code areas you service to the website so that potential customers in your area can find you.  It is important to check this site regularly and, at least, annually as the only assured zip code for which you are automatically linked from this site is your business address.  Obviously, that can be a very limited scope so be sure to check and update this information.


If you have any questions or concerns, contact us at 1-800-842-9090 or info@papmaonline.net.


Team Versant


Upcoming Meetings        


Don't miss Eastern Division's  meeting in July 2014 at the Crowne Plaza in Trevose, PA. And, keep September 11 open for Eastern's Fall Seminar.  More information will be forthcoming.  Manufactures & distributors can sign up now for exhibit space.
You are invited to a PDA Update Credit Road Show sponsored by Ensystex, Inc. and Consolidated National Insurers on July 28 in Moosic and July 30 in State College.  The $20 donation for attending will benefit the PPMA Salino Scholarship Fund.  Seating at each event is limited to 25 persons so don't delay!
               * * * * * * * *  *

On July 17-19, Tucson, Arizona will play host to NPMA's Academy 2014, presented by the Leadership Development Group (LDG) and sponsored by Dow AgroSciences. 

                    * *  * * * * * 
Mark your calendars and hold November 10 & 11 for the 2014 PPMA Annual Conference at the Eden Resort in Lancaster.  Last year's conference was a great success and we look forward to another great conference in Lancaster again this year!  


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Take advantage of the significant marketing opportunity provided to you as an NPMA member and update your Find a Pro listing for NPMA's consumer site, www.pestworld.org, today.


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Legislative Update


HB 2332

Helm, Susan (R)

Act regulating home inspectors; providing for funds, for licensure, for disciplinary action, for remedies and for penalties; and making a related repeal.





Helm, Susan


4- 8-14 H Filed


Printer Number(s):



Bill History:

06-09-14 H Filed
06-10-14 H Introduced and referred to committee on House Professional Licensure


                        * * * * *


HR 904

Matzie, Robert (D)

Resolution designating the week of June 16 through 23, 2014, as "Pollinator Week" in Pennsylvania.




Matzie, Robert


6- 9-14 H Filed


Printer Number(s):



Bill History:

06-16-14 H Filed
06-17-14 H Introduced as noncontroversial resolution
06-24-14 H Adopted (Vote: Y:203/N: 0)


                         * * * * * *


SB 177

Greenleaf, Stewart (R)

Act establishing a task force on Lyme disease and related maladies; & providing for powers & duties of the task force, DOH, DCNR & PGC to execute surveillance, prevention and education strategies.




SCO 124

Greenleaf, Stewart


12- 7-12 S Filed


Printer Number(s):

P0134 P2099


Bill History:

06-09-14 H Set on the Tabled Calendar
06-09-14 H Removed from the table
06-10-14 H Set on the House Calendar
06-10-14 H Second consideration
06-10-14 H Rereferred to House Appropriations
06-11-14 H Meeting set for Off the Floor, Room 140 Main Capitol ...House Appropriations
06-11-14 H Voted favorably from committee on House Appropriations
06-11-14 H Reported as committed from House Appropriations
06-11-14 H Set on the House Calendar
06-11-14 H Laid out for discussion
06-11-14 H Third consideration
06-11-14 H Final Passage (Vote: Y:195/N: 2)
06-16-14 S Received as amended in Senate and rereferred Senate Rules and Executive Nomination
06-17-14 S Meeting set for Off the Floor, Rules Committee Conference Ro ns ...Senate Rules and Executive Nominations
06-17-14 S Voted favorably from committee on Senate Rules and Executive Nominations
06-17-14 S Re-reported on concurrence as committed Senate Rules and Executive Nominations
06-18-14 S Set on the Senate Calendar
06-18-14 S Laid out for discussion
06-18-14 S Senate concurred in House amendments (Vote: Y: 50/N: 0)
06-18-14 S Signed in the Senate
06-19-14 H Signed in the House
06-19-14 G In the hands of the Governor
06-29-14 G Last day for Governor's action
06-29-14 G Approved by the Governor (Act: 83 )



Articles of Interest 



West Nile Virus found in Chester County trap
UWCHLAN - County health officials on Wednesday announced the West Nile Virus was recently discovered for the first time this year in a mosquito trap placed in the township. In an advisory released by the Chester County Health Department, officials warned the virus was positively identified on June 24. The health... - Primos Delaware County Daily and Sunday Times



Inside PDA for July 3, 2014
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Monarch butterfly worries: Claws, Wings & Others Things
This Week Outdoors: Bee balm, black-eyed Susan, blue flag, blueweed, bull thistle, butterfly weed, chicory, common fleabane, common milkweed, common mullein, common water lily, pickerel weed, purple coneflower, Queen Anne's lace and wild bergamot are some of the wildflowers in bloom.... - Harrisburg Patriot-News



Mosquito virus stings state with health alert
As a growing number of cases of the unpleasant, mosquito-borne chikungunya virus crops up across the country, the Pennsylvania Department of Health on Thursday issued an alert about the illness, which until very recently has had little presence in the U.S. Chikungunya, a nonfatal virus that causes fever and joint pain, has crept... - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette



Insect-borne Lyme disease cases up sharply in Butler County
Reported cases of Lyme disease have spiked in Butler County, jumping from zero in 2000 to 332 in 2013, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Health. The county leads Western Pennsylvania in reported cases of Lyme disease, which experts attribute to growing tick populations and rising awareness,... - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review



Legislature lets Pollinator Week end with no buzz at all
Charles Vorisek unfortunately failed to get caught up in all of the buzz surrounding Pollinator Week. In fact, he sheepishly admitted he didn't observe the occasion. "It was Pollinator Week in Pennsylvania?" he asked when I called him about it. "Uh... I'm not sure I was aware of that, no."... - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review



New law aims to fight tick-borne diseases in Pa.
Pennsylvania had the most Lyme disease cases in the nation in 2009, 2011, and 2012, yet no state-run surveillance program for ticks exists. A bill Gov. Corbett signed into law Thursday seeks to remedy that. The Lyme and Related Tick-Borne Disease Surveillance, Education, Prevention, and... - Philadelphia Inquirer



Dealing with bee die-off should be a priority
Can we all agree bees play critical ecological and agricultural roles in this world of ours? If we do, then wouldn't one think there would be widespread alarm and an immediate jump to action to tackle the major die-off that is depleting these crucial pollinators in large numbers?... - Washington Observer-Reporter



Expert explains how scents can control ag pests
LEWISBURG - The subtle aroma that attracts men to women is likely a form of a pheromone, similar in principle to substances that attract mates across the animal kingdom. However, those fertile mates sometimes include pests that can breed and damage agricultural crops.... - Milton Standard



Insects on menu at local job fair
Looking to munch on some roasted crickets while you fill out that job application? Erlich Pest Control is hosting a "pop-up Pestaurant" - that's "Pestaurant" with a P - as part of its booth at a job fair at Park City Center this week. Job applicants can snack on crickets and mealworms while learning about... - Lancaster Intelligencer Journal



Inside PDA for June 20, 2014
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Pollinators: Be careful with pesticides (Letter)
We recently purchased a pollen trap for our honey bee hives. We thought we could collect some local pollen and then use it to make pollen patties to feed back to our bees in the winter. At the end of the directions of use, we found this warning: "It is possible for bees to collect... - Chambersburg Public Opinion



Lawmakers Introduce Legislation to Remove Unfair Tax Obstacles for Small...
(Press Release)



U.S. Calls on Europe to Ease Limits on Gene-Altered Food
BRUSSELS - The top American agriculture official on Tuesday called on the European Union to do more to ease restrictions on gene-altered food and feed crops if it hoped to reach a trans-Atlantic trade pact. "There can't be a trade agreement without a serious and significant... - New York Times