February 6, 2014





Ed Van Istendal


David M. Hyres Pest Control

Coatesville, PA


Paul Kutney 

President Elct

Ashley, PA


David M. Hyres

Past President

David M. Hyres Pest Control

Douglassville, PA 




Central Division

Gary Lesher


Perry Pest Control

Landisburg, PA


Chris Anfinsen


Mechanicsburg, PA


Keith Hamilton

J.C. Ehrlich

Pleasant Gap, PA


Keith Jones

Archer Pest Control

Camp Hill, PA


Eastern Division


Jim Daly


Daly Termite & Pest Mgmnt

Ardmore, PA



Ed Van Istendal

1st Vice Governor

Coatesville, PA


Mike Snyder

Township Pest Control

Warrington, PA


Jim Nase

Moyer Indoor/Outdoor




Northeast Division

Paul Kutney


Ashley, PA


Diane Lown

Ajax Environmental Solutions

Dalton, PA


Wesley Rost

J.C. Ehrlich

Ashley, PA


Western Division

John Morrison


D-Bug, Inc.

Latrobe, PA


Adam Witt

Witt Pest Management

Pittsburgh, PA


Eric Herrington


Bridgeville, PA


John Besic

Besic Pest Control

Transfer, PA


Technical Advisor


Chad Gore

Rentokil North America

Carnegie, PA


AWDII Chairman


Ed Van Istendal

Coatesville, PA


Legislative Chairman


Keith Hamilton

J.C. Ehrlich

 State College, PA


Bed Bug Taskforce Chairman


Marty Overline

Aardvark Pest Management

Philadelphia, PA


Salino Scholarship Chair 

Dana Lown

Ajax Environmental Solutions

Dalton, PA


Industry Liaison


Brian Smith


Sharon Hill, PA


Executive Director

Versant Strategies

Harrisburg, PA


















Dear Friends:


Everything ground to a halt yesterday as several inches of ice fell in Harrisburg overnight.  The capitol was also closed on Monday due to that day's storm but lawmakers made it to Harrisburg on Tuesday for the Govenor's budget address for FY 2014/15.  Below are links to documents that give an overview of his proposals as well as a detailed breakdown of how these dollars will be allocated.  If you have any questions, please contact us.


2014-15 Budget in Brief

2014-15 Proposed Budget Line-Item Appropriations




The Office of the Budget web site also provides mid-year updates, vendor information, right to know policies, and much more.



Check out the meeting information below to take advantage of the regional meetings and AWDII course being offeed this month.


Has your business made th local news or been featured in a newspaper or magazine article?  Send the information or link to the PPMA office and we will post it on the PPMA website (www.papmaonline.org)


Have a good week and drive safely,





Upcoming Meetings        


Februay 13  PPMA's Eastern Division's February meeting will feature a label review on fleas. 


February 18 - PPMA's Central Division will be holding its spring seminar which focuses on wood destroying insects.  More information and a registration form will be forthcoming!
March 13  Mark your calendars for the Eastern Division's 2014 spring seminar.  The morning session also provides a separate session for new technician training, i.e. those not yet certified or new hires -- with information on formulations and tools.  Interested in being an exhibitor? Register now to confirm your spot! 


AWDII Course Coming Up Soon!

The Pennsylvania Pest Management Association is pleased to announce that it will be conducting a three-day training and exam session for individuals interested in becoming PPMA Accredited Wood Destroying Insect Inspectors.  The dates for the course are February 25-27, 2014 at the SpringHill Suites by Marriott, 1930 John Fries Hwy, Quakertown, PA  18951.  A block of rooms is available at $119/night.  Call 215-529-6800 for reservations.


The cost for the AWDII three-day course is $325 per attendee and includes lunch each day.  Send payment to the PPMA office at 116 Pine Street, 5th Fl., Harrisburg, PA  17101. Credit card payments are also accepted. Call the PPMA office at 1-800-842-9090 for more information.  Access the application form here.



Many who have taken the course have not yet completed all the requirements to be listed as graduates. We are looking to include these graduates on our website, and want the list to be as complete as possible. If you are not sure what your status is, please email AWDII Chairman Ed Van Istendal at bugsvan@aol.com to find out. It may be that you just need one or two items to gain this exclusive status.


Salino Scholarship Application
The Salino Scholarships are awarded annually by the Pennsylvania Pest Management Association to high school students who are residents of Pennsylvania and who have been accepted as full time students at an accredited 4-year college or university or enrolled in a 2-year associated degree program leading to an Associate Degree and/or Bachelor's Degree.  Applicants must be sponsored by a Pennsylvania Certified/Registered Applicator and/or an owner or employee of a pest control company which has maintained active membership in the PPMA for a minimum of 4 years.  Applicants must also meet two of the following requirements:


          1. "B" high school grade average or GED equivalent;

          2. minimum of 900 combined SAT score (critical reading and math scores only);   

         3. if now attending college, minimum of 2.8 cumulative college GPA. 


Documentation and other application information are required (see specific requirements on enclosed application form).  Previous winners are not eligible for a second award.


 All entries must be received at the PPMA office at 116 Pine Street, 5th Floor, Harrisburg, PA  17101 by March 15, 2014.


News from PPMA's Legislative Director



"The NPMA announced last week that the long delayed Federal Farm Bill that was finalized on January 27, 2014 contains language retaining the food uses for the fumigant sulfuryl fluoride. The inclusion of the sulfuryl fluoride provision in the Farm Bill Conference Report represents a significant legislative victory for NPMA, one that would not have been possible without NPMA members lobbying their federal lawmakers about the importance of retaining sulfuryl fluoride's food uses. It shows the importance of our Members attending Legislative Days each year in Washington, D.C.


The provision effectively reverses a proposed order revoking or withdrawing sulfuryl fluoride's food tolerances that EPA put forward in January 2011 under the threat of activist group litigation. The activists claimed that sulfuryl fluoride's tolerances were not permissible because the "risk cup" for sulfuryl fluoride was already filled with fluoride in drinking water and dental care products".


The bill has now been given to the full House and Senate for consideration.

The PPMA would like to thank our Federal Lawmakers for their support of this bill, with special thanks to Senator Robert Casey and his Staff. This certainly is a win situation for our industry and points out how important our relationships are on both a State and National Level.


It also emphasizes and reflects the great job our NPMA organization does in keeping up with these vital topics which have an enormous impact on the pest control industry. Their detailed attention to these issues is of continued importance to our Members as we move forward.


Keith Hamilton

Legislative Chair, PPMA

Legislative Update


HB 1576 Pyle, Jeff
(PN 2647) The Endangered Species Coordination Act provides for a standard state process for listing of threatened or endangered species by formalizing existing resource agency authority via rulemaking under the Regulatory Review Act, consolidating the listings into a centralized database managed by the with limited access grated to information in the database to planners required to consider the impacts that a project could have or to those involved in conservationist efforts, and protecting sensitive data by prohibiting the disclosure of the information to anyone not involved in a development or conservation project. The bill also makes related repeals. Effective in 90 days. (Prior Printer Number: 2133)
HCO2023Pyle, Jeff(M)
6-12-13 H Filed
SB 1047Scarnati, Joseph(Related)
7- 3-13 S Introduced and referred to committee on Senate Game and Fisheries
Printer Number(s):P2133 P2647
Bill History:
01-14-14 H Set on the Tabled Calendar
01-14-14 H Removed from the table
01-14-14 H Laid on the table
02-05-14 H Set on the Tabled Calendar


HB 1607 Baker, Matt
(PN 2868) Amends the Underground Utility Line Protection Law to further provide for definitions and to make substantial editorial revisions. The bill transfers oversight authority for PA One Call from the Department of Labor and Industry to the Public Utility Commission and adds that the lawful start date for applicable projects is three business days following notification to PA One Call. The bill places duties upon facility owners to maintain records of notice to the One Call system, verify where underground utility lines run in certain instances, report violations, and participate in One Call's member mapping system. The legislation details when a fee must be paid by an excavator, designer, or operator and further requires the reporting of alleged violations. The legislation establishes a Damage Prevention Commission, responsible for establishing a Damage Prevention Committee, the purpose
 and duty of which is enumerated in the legislation. The bill also establishes the Underground Utility Line Protection Fund to be used by the commission for enforcement of the Underground Utility Line Protection Law. The act shall expire December 31, 2021 (changed from 2016). Section 7.9 shall take effect immediately; and the remainder of the act shall take effect in 180 days. (Prior Printer Number: 2216)
HCO1365Baker, Matt(M)
2-28-13 H Filed
Printer Number(s):P2216 P2868
Bill History:
01-13-14 H Meeting set for Off the Floor, Room B31 Main Capitol ...House Consumer Affairs
01-13-14 H Voted favorably from committee as amended House Consumer Affairs
01-13-14 H Reported as amended House Consumer Affairs
01-13-14 H First consideration
01-13-14 H Laid on the table
02-05-14 H Set on the Tabled Calendar


SB 1195Gordner, John
(PN 1651) Amends the Workers' Compensation Act transferring $4 million from the Administrative Fund to the Uninsured Employers Guaranty Fund. Requires an injured worker to file a claim petition within 180 days of the currently required notice to the fund and requires the worker to provide proof of wages before filing a claim of lost employment. Also provides for medical treatment for injured workers through a list of designated healthcare providers. Effective immediately. (Prior Printer Number: 1613, 1642)
SCO1341Gordner, John(M)
11- 6-13 S Filed
Printer Number(s):P1613P1642P1651





Bill History:01-29-14 S Set on the Senate Calendar
01-29-14 S Laid on the table
01-29-14 S Removed from the table
03-10-14 S Set on the Senate Calendar




















Articles of Interest 



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Inside PDA for January 31, 2014
(Press Release)




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Antibiotics in Animals Tied to Risk of Human Infection
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Genetic Weapon Against Insects Raises Hope and Fear in Farming
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Bee Deaths May Stem From Virus, Study Says
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Bedbugs cleaned up in Allentown nursing home
Residents of Liberty Nursing and Rehabilitation Home in Allentown may be able to rest easier this weekend after work was scheduled to be completed Friday in a cleanup of a bedbug infestation. Management of the home at 535 N. 17th St. became aware of the problem... - Allentown Morning Call


Hough chosen to lead Pa. Game Commission
HARRISBURG - The Pennsylvania Game Commission named former Johnstown resident Matt Hough as its new executive director on Wednesday. The Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners voted unanimously to approve the appointment of Hough, who had been the agency's deputy executive... - Johnstown Tribune-Democrat