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August, 2013            


workshops at the art center
Workshop Schedule 

August Workshop

with Anna Walker
Saturday, August 31
10 AM - 2 PM
2nd & 4th Tuesdays
1:00-3:00 PM
$15 Per Class

No Prior Experience Necessary
Instructor:Vicki Galloway
Bring something to paint on

 Pre-registration and payment is required for all classes  


For more information call

Falling Rivers Gallery


Artist Opportunities
Mystery Build Arts Challenge deadline October 20
From Your President....
 I hope you all are having a relaxing summer with friends and family.  Down time is good for everyone.  The Stanly Arts Guild may slow down a bit in the summer but certainly does not stop. 


Workshops and Art of the Vine continue to bring in folks that are interested in the arts.  August Workshops are also filling up so register quickly or you will miss out.  And September will be totally dedicated to clay - there will be a lot of events for those of you that have been tempted to play in the mud.  Keep an eye on the newsletter and your mailbox for more information about both.


I hope to see everyone at the September meeting on September 5.  This will be a special meeting and it starts a little early - 6:00PM - so mark your calendars now.  This meeting will have some refreshments and will kick off our "Month of Clay" activities that culminate in the pottery show at the end of the month.  More information will be coming about the Month of Clay soon.
Susan Lackey



Next Guild Meeting: 6 PM
September 5, 2013 with
Seagrove Potter Tom Gray


The next guild meeting will be the kick off event for The

" Studio Experience - A Celebration Of Clay"  with Seagrove potter Tom Gray.  He will be doing a demonstration and talk to us about his pottery and its use and appreciation in the serving and sharing of food.  Light refreshments will be served beginning at 6:00pm.    


Featured Artist - Toni Gaalaas
  Capturing instances of natural beauty in precious metals and glass relates the natural and physical worlds for me in forms we can enjoy daily in urban environments.  Other inspiration comes from within, as expressions of continuing spiritual discovery.  My work connects elements we find beautiful in the external world with personal visions held closely in our hearts.


My creative journey began with my first box of 64 Crayolas.  Dual interests in art and science led to a B.S. degree from Cornell University with specialties in scientific writing and illustration.  Living in Northern Virginia for 30 years added studies in calligraphy, fiber arts, stained glass, hot glass and metalsmithing along with acting as a volunteer naturalist with the National Wildlife Federation and plant specialist with the local extension service. My work was exhibited in the Washington DC metro area and Shenandoah galleries.


I really treasure hearing the messages communicated by my artwork to someone else.  Sometimes these messages are ones I intended to convey, sometimes they are one I didn't realize were there -- part of being an artist I find endlessly fascinating and wonderful.  



Summer Art Explosion - Winners Announced
  Summer Art Explosion 2013 The Summer Art Explosion was a terrific success, and there was a lot of wonderful art  on display. The winners have been announced, and they are as follows:

 Best of Show
- Jennie Tomlin
     Two-Dimensional Art                                   Unaltered Photography
 1st Place - Malia Bryugelson                               1st Place - Deb Russell      
 2nd Place - Anita Ammerman                               2nd Place - Dan Wray  
    3rd Place - Susan Lackey                                 3rd Place - Craig Marsh

                               Three-Dimensional Art:                                  Altered Photography:
                               1st Place - Judy Abdelaziz                                1st Place - Deb Russell
                                  2nd Place - Celia Blake                                2nd Place - Reda Icenhour
                              3rd Place - Shakeeka Watts                                  3rd Place - Ed Lipe

Honorable Mentions:  Jane Rogers, Pete Brown, Leslie Carter, Susan Nuttall, Dan Wray,  Shakeeka Watts and Jim Thompson

Pottery by Judy Abdelaziz
Unaltered Photography by Craig Marsh




Altered Photography by Deb Russell


Congratulations to all the winners, and   

THANK YOU to the Stanly News and Press for helping sponsor the show.





Coming in September


Come join the Stanly Arts Guild at Falling Rivers Gallery as we celebrate the heritage we all share in clay.  Clay vessels have been a part of human culture for thousands of years.  From hand formed objects to hold and store our food, to tiles on the space shuttle, clay has been a versatile presence in all our lives.  This month long event gives you an intimate look into the making and using of Pottery items.  The Stanly Arts Guild believes strongly in encouraging artists of all ages and in all mediums and providing lively venues for learning.  We hope you will enjoy "playing in the mud" with us in September.



 For more information about registration, call Falling Rivers Gallery at 704-983-4278

Gallery News
  1. Just a reminder that the Gallery will be closed on Saturday, August 24th while we give the Gallery a much needed sprucing up.  If you would like to help paint or move items, sign up at the Gallery.
  2. As summer is a time for many vacations, we are always more short handed for staffing.  If you can help us out by taking a shift or two in August, contact Wendy or Jeff Hillhouse at 704-986-0494 or sign up in Google Calendar.
  3. Art of the Vine is finally picking up momentum.  We have hosts booked out through the rest of 2013, but if you have an idea for theme and the enthusiasm to create some fun art play time for adults, contact Nancy at 704-754-0543.
Yellow Tag Sale
Prior to our sprucing up weekend on August 24th, the Gallery will be having a Yellow Tag sale.  The idea came from members Ed Lipe and Bridget Huckabee that we would rather sell inventory than have to move it during our painting weekend.  Posters and ads are forthcoming so stop in next week to see what deals are available on our artists work.

Member News

  • Toni Gaalaas has been teaching a series of metal-working classes in her home to experienced artists wanting to hone and refines their skills. These classes run through August 17.
  • Judith and Jerry Williams spent a week at a pottery workshop at Wildacres near Little Switzerland.  The guest instructor was Sylvia Coppola.  They had two gas reduction firings and multiple raku firings.
  • Dan Wray had a picture published in the July/August issue of "Alive Now," a publication of the Upper Room ministries.  The picture is of a clay pot that was being made by Bobbie Listerman who was turning clay at the gallery.
  • Annette Lowder is studying abroad in China until August 19. She's staying and studying at the Sanbao Ceramic Studio in Jingdezhen.


2013-2014 Guild Officers

Susan Lackey, President; Millie Campbell, Vice President;

Jackie Smith, Recording Secretary; Judith Williams, Corresponding Secretary; Lorrie Hatley, Treasurer; Nancy Lipe, Gallery Director; Jackie Layman, Member-at-Large; Bobbie Listerman, Past President; Public Arts Coordinator, Anita Ammerman;

Workshop Chair, Theresa Mauldin

  NC Arts Council
The Stanly Arts Guild is sponsored in part by the Albemarle Improvement LLC, the Stanly County Arts Council, and receives support from the North Carolina Arts Council, an agency of the Department of Cultural Resources, and the National Endowment for the Arts, which believes a great nation deserves great art.

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