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Registration is open for Orange Beach Billfish Classic. Only 63 days and the tournament fishing season will be here! Held at The Wharf in Orange Beach, May 13-17. The OBBC is a major donor to The Billfish Foundation and is the first tournament of the Gulf Coast Triple Crown Championship series, visit here for more information.  We are excited to announce that Dale Wills, editor of In The Bite magazine, will present the 2014 Captain of the Year award at the Captains Meeting on Wednesday evening.


Ellen Peel, president of The Billfish Foundation, details in the letter below some of the work they have done in the Gulf of Mexico in part with donations from the OBBC.


Visit here for more information and registration information. You may also contact Johnny Dorland at 251-402-8190 or Beverly Morgan, Marina Director of Operations at The Wharf at 251-224-1900 for registration and slip reservations. 


Dear OBBC Friends,


Fish the first tournament in the Gulf of Mexico, the Orange Beach Billfish Classic (OBBC). This tournament draws the most distinctive boats and teams that stand above others!  The OBBC makes the strongest impact for sportfishing in the Gulf of Mexico by its contribution to The Billfish Foundation (TBF), a proud OBBC partner.  TBF is an angler's best insurance for access to fishing grounds and healthy populations of billfish, both needed for an exciting and productive trip. 


The funds donated to TBF from the 2014 OBBC proceeds were crucial in the organization's success in securing a small bluefin tuna incidental catch allocation category for the Gulf of Mexico recreational fishery.  That is a first!  In addition, TBF convinced the government to keep the earlier established zones closed to longline gear to further protect spawning bluefin tuna which at the same time would reduce longline gear interaction with billfish. A new two month pelagic longline time and area closure will also be implemented during April and May. This closure should increase the odds of OBBC participants incidentally landing a trophy size (73" +) bluefin tuna during the tournament IF THE SEASON HAS NOT BEEN CLOSED.  A complete season closure of the bluefin tuna southern allocation is less likely at that time thanks to the new Gulf sub-allocation.  These conservation successes document some of the returns on OBBC investments in TBF for sportfishing conservation.


Unfortunately with this good news comes sad news with the untimely death last November of one of the best OBBC competitors, Johnny Johnson, owner of the Reel Worthless team. Johnny's death is a sobering and sad reminder that to insure a sportfishing legacy for your children and grandchildren we must continue to lead by supporting billfish conservation today.  We are proud to announce that the tournament's catch and release trophy is now the OBBC Johnny Johnson Catch & Release Award.


Be part of continuing the exceptional sportfishing legacy in the Gulf of Mexico by fishing the OBBC!


Good luck,

Ellen M. Peel, J.D.


Contact Johnny Dorland for more information:
(251) 402-8190
Contact Beverly Morgan, Marina Director of Operations, to pay by credit card and for slip reservations.
Send checks to:
P.O. Box 1645
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