July 8-13, 2014
The Greatest Show In Sportfishing!




 The adrenaline runs thick in the air. Like nervous 

thoroughbreds in the starting gate, over fifty top-flight sportfishing yachts get set for the start of the Blue Marlin Grand Championship of the Gulf. It's almost time. 


There it is-the flare goes up from the pace boat and throttles are shoved forward to the stops. The collective roar of high-horsepower diesel engines drowns out every other physical sensation. It's the Leader of the Pack Bimini Start!


Anglers have long known that being the first one to the fishing grounds often means a better chance of landing a tournament winner. Fast boats and sportfishing have gone hand in hand since those early days of the Bertram Moppie and the Miami-to-Nassau boat races. Speed wins the day. And so for teams participating in the Blue Marlin Grand Championship of the Gulf, here's your shot to show the world just how fast you really are.


You'll have the chance to go head to head with some of the speediest sportfishing boats in the Gulf at the start of the Blue Marlin Grand Championship. There will be a pace boat to keep everyone in line for a running start and a helicopter overhead to video the entire event (the videos will be available to each participating team and are also shown on the dual JumboTron display screens for the tens of thousands of cheering spectators to enjoy throughout the tournament). It's truly one of the greatest spectacles in the world of sportfishing.


In addition to bragging rights, the winner also receives a custom oil painting of their vessel from marine artist Larry Rackley, which he produces during the tournament from the still photos and video of the start.


It's just another reason to fish one of the most prestigious and exciting billfish tournaments on the Gulf Coast: the Blue Marlin Grand Championship. 


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