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The election is November 4, 2014 and this is a very IMPORTANT election. Please be sure to come out and Vote! This " Better Roads " referendum could affect us for years to come. Can you help us get the word out to VOTE yes for better roads? Good roads will help us continue the positive retail and industrial growth in Montgomery. Without good infrastructure in the community we cannot support or entice positive economic development in the community. Important details can be seen in the attachments listed below. Just click below and share the handout with your staff, employer, employees,family and friends. Thanks to all who came to support the infrastructure in Montgomery!!!!  Yes....yes, we appreciate safe roads for our businesses and residents and visitors!Be sure to volunteer in the next few weeks and help make Montgomery a better place.
The Village of Montgomery Board has approved refunding $45.00 of the Village's portion of the tax bill for all owner occupied homes, if the road referendum is passed. What this does for the Montgomery residents is help shift the burden of fundng the roads to the people who also shop and work here and use the roads. Everyone that comes to Montgomery will share this responsibility, not just the residents. A list of examples of what will be taxed and what will NOT be taxed can be downloaded here: Feel free to have a sign put up in your neighborhood. This helps us get the word out. Click here   Please also visit  Montgomery Citizens for Better Roads and Lower Property Taxes: Additional facts are also detailed in the attached information: Click here

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If you have a story to tell or perhaps there is something you would like to share with the business community, feel free to provide us with this information and we will place it in our next news blast.

Send us an e-mail or give us a call at 630-897-6748.
To contact Charlene directly call 815-703-1338.
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The Montgomery Economic Development Corporation is a non for profit 501c6 Corporation supported by The Village of Montgomery and the Business community. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our supporters for giving us the opportunity to serve The Village and Business Community of Montgomery. 

Charlene Coulombe-Fiore EDFP CEcD 
Executive Director
Montgomery Economic Development Corporation