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Have Beer, Will Travel
Food and drink ignite something universal within us. We've long known this at Let's Travel; that's why we've brought you podcasts on food, drink, chefs, and wines from around the world. We've covered everything from Szechuan delicacies to Sicilian favorites in an attempt to satiate that need within us, the one that asks not just to be fed, but to be filled, connected, and satisfied. 

Most recently, we delved into a beverage that's equal parts trendy and ancient: beer.

It hit me while at the Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ fest in New York City: that sense of discovery and even wonder that I normally get from traveling (turns out, a warm bacon jam on Mac n' cheese has that affect). Even though I was in the heart of the city I call home, I felt connected to something bigger than myself.
Gina the author at NYC's Beer Bourbon and BBQ Fest
The more I learned about beer, the more I realized that a draught is a worthy portal to other cultures. From the history of beer and its ancient connection to spots across the globe to the local brewery movement that often includes farming and Eco-responsibility, there's a lot to learn-- and taste-- in the world of stouts, ales, and lagers. Our March podcast has an overview of beer history, as well as beer-trip tips, and festivals/local breweries so that you can get the best brews near you and taste local culture afar. As Mike. Saxton, founder of puts it: "Wherever you go in the world, the cool people are the ones drinking beer."

Below, we've compiled the best ways to be "the ones drinking beer" this spring. Grab your growler; here's the inside take on (beer) travel.
One of the pig roasts at Beer Bourbon BBQ
Tune into our 
Where to Sip the Best Brews this Spring
Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ

From NC to VA, GA, and MD, the porkfest is traveling down the East Coast through September. According to its founder, Greg Nivens, the festival is all about compiling his favorite flavors from the South in one festival. A ticket includes 60 beers, 40 bourbons, and whole-pig roasts. Learn more here.
Beer Trips

Travel to Belgium and discover hundreds of Belgian Beers, indulge in Cuisine a la Biere, or sing along at the top of your lungs in an Oktoberfest tent in Munich, or discover truly fresh Pils in Prague. Enjoy cask-conditioned ales in a British Pub, or get inside a Trappist Monastery that brews beer. You want lambic from the barrel, you want to meet brewers, you want to quaff the rare, sip the special stash. Mike Saxton from has just the trip for you.
Boston Microbrews

The first-ever BeerAdvocate Microbrew Invitational will hit the Seaport World Trade Center on June 3-4 in Boston, featuring a carefully curated lineup of beer (plus other fermented beverages) from some of the world's finest microbreweries. More on the celebration of old-school, small-batch brewing here.
Get Beer Anywhere

Wherever in the world you are, Beer Advocate has you covered. Enter your destination to get the best breweries, bars, and homebrew stores near you. See the index here.
More Travel Inspiration

Music is a universal language which shapes our lives in myriad ways. On this month's podcast, Susi explores the psychology and neuroscience of music to find out why it evokes such strong emotions. The show also features some live music to get everyone in the audience off their feet and moving to the rhythm.

Here's Your Travel Inspiration
Underwater and Invisible Trains

All aboard: an update on an old form of travel is rolling in! India is prepping for its first high-speed railway, which will also travel underwater. In Japan, an "invisible train" (with a reflective exterior to "coexist" with changing surroundings) will debut in 2018. Turns out train travel is becoming much more than a scenic nod to days past.
Anthony Bourdain Dishes on his Adventures

The chef who got his culinary and travel inspiration from slurping oysters off the coast of France recently gave an exclusive, "no-holds-barred" discussion on his best and worst travel adventures to Forbes. Listen to Bourdain detail catching dead fish in Sicily and getting into trouble in Libya here.
How to Travel the Earth and Protect It, Too

Just in time for Earth Day, the New York Times published a feature on how to eat, travel, stay, and explore the globe sustainably. Meanwhile, profiles a young entrepreneur whose travel company exposes travelers to renewable-energy facilities and the environment abroad. Before you take your next trip, these are both worthy reads. After all, the only thing better than traveling is traveling while caring for the sites and nature that we love.
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