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If you're in Dingle on a rainy Monday night, An Droichead Beag (a dimly-lit, local pub with lots of live, improv music) is the place to be. 



The cozy, dark-wooded pub, with Port wine warming your veins and gorgeous fiddle and guitar melodies wafting through the air, is nothing short of an escape from the daily grind. It's an escape from schedules and to-dos and deadlines, and a society trapped by time and a constant comedy of errors, and expectations in themselves. 



Would that, for only a minute, daily life soared as the fiddle melody, in accelerated triplets that sound weightless and free.


In a sense, this alone constitutes taking a trip: the miracle of being weightless and free. 


In a sense, the ocean needs to be a separator from daily life; one needs the distance and the waves; one needs the changing tides and winds and the magic forces that make the waves lap at east coast in opposite directions.

In the opposite pulls, time and responsibility seem lost.
In the poles of gravity, expectations are weightless. It's worth it, that plane ticket. And it's good to be here, at last.


Have you heard our

On this month's Let's Travel! show Susi first explores the Mexican colonial city of Oaxaca with travel writer Mari Gold. Then it's off to the U.S. Department of State where she gets some "news we can use" about handling passport problems when travelling abroad from Karen Christensen. Then Michael and Susi take a trip through the Everglades in Florida on an air boat tour and end up surrounded by thousands of butterflies and exotic birds at then largest butterfly park in the world.


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 Plzen, the Czech Republic's 2015 City of Culture.


"Elegant religious architecture is not the first thing that comes to mind in Pilsen, known locally as Plzen, a city of 170,000 about an hour and 40 minutes by train from Prague. For years, travelers have mostly come to visit the Pilsner Urquell brewery, the maker of the first pilsner beer and the city's most famous export since its debut in 1842. But over the last few years, the rest of the city has cleaned itself up, brushed off the cobwebs and opened several wonderful new attractions, both beer related and not. The result is a worthwhile destination for visitors - as well as a dark-horse win for the city as one of two European Capitals of Culture for 2015."

- The New York Times


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Seven Reasons to Travel Right Now



 It's cheaper, faster, and easier than ever. Below are the seven reasons to ditch your qualms, dust off your suitcase, and finally book that trip! 

(As if you needed convincing...)



1. The Euro is at an 11-year Low


Flickr: TaxRebate.org.uk


 Travelers to Europe, take note! You're going to get more bang for your buck (in countries that use the Euro) than you would have in the past eleven years. The Euro is currently at one per every $1.08, and economists are questioning if it will go below $1 over the next few months. Either way, we're getting more on the dollar than we have in awhile.


2. Flights to Europe are as cheap as $99



  WOW Air announced that they will launch service  from Boston to Reykjavik, Iceland for just $99 will be available four days a week and will extend to five days a week after June 3rd. More info on infinitelegroom.com.


3. Good Weather is on the Forecast



We mentioned in our last Tattler that there really are few good-weather destinations in winter. Luckily, spring, summer, and even fall are just the opposite! It might still be frigid in the Northeast US, but it's spring just about everyplace else: in Tokyo the cherry blossoms are in full-swing, the lavender fields are blooming in France, and the sunflowers are blossoming in Tuscany.


4. Travel Makes You More Creative



According to The Atlantic, "international experiences can open the mind to new ways of thinking." 


"Neural pathways are influenced by environment and habit, meaning they're also sensitive to change: New sounds, smells, language, tastes, sensations, and sights spark different synapses in the brain and may have the potential to revitalize the mind," the article reports. 

It's not a coincidence that it's so much easier to write and sketch while sitting under the Eiffel Tower. A revitalized mind? We're all in.

5. Hostels Are Better than Ever



"Paris's coolest new hotel is actually a hostel," Conde Nast Traveler reports. If the rooftop bar, club with a dance floor, Fabien Cafe, and garden that yields fresh ingredients for drinks and food weren't enough of a sell for the Generator Hostel in Paris, the $30-per-night price tag definitely is.

The design-led hostels are in eight other cities across Europe, so Paris isn't your only chance at a swanky (but economical!) stay. 

6. Free Travel Apps Are Yours for Taking



No travel agent? No tour guide? No bulky budget? No problem. There are travel apps out there to help with every part of your trip --from booking, to navigating, to learning about your destinations-- and many of them are free. Time.com has the Ten Best Free Apps to make your next trip a breeze.

7. Travel Selfies Can Yield Major Discounts



According to the NY Times, Kimpton Hotel and Restaurant "guests who borrow a selfie stick and then post their selfies on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #AdoreThySelfie may win a stick of their own, a $150 Kimpton gift card, and - for aspiring Dorian Grays - a framed enlargement of their selfie." But the buck doesn't stop there. Marriotts, Cheaptickets.com, and rental car companies all offer discounts for free social-media promotion. 

Hey, savings are as good a reason to smile as any.  


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