Spring 2014
Let's Travel! Takes NYT Travel Show! 


Let's Travel! took the New York Times Travel Show by storm this February. We learned tons about upcoming destinations, added new travel sites to our most-frequented list, and got exclusive interviews with Cruiseplanners, The International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association, the U.S. State Department, and more. 


Arthur and Pauline Frommer at the show 
Sandy Huffaker Photography for The New York Times


We learned about the latest in the cruise industry (did you know that 2014 is pegged as an all-time high for cruises?), that more Americans hold  passports than we'd thought, and even talked about Obama's official stance on travel abroad.  

The Asia Pavilion gives a performance
Sandy Huffaker Photography for The New York Times
Listen in on the interviews via



Trending in Travel 


The New York Times published A Look at Global Travel Trends. France and the U.S. are still in the lead for most traveled, but it is expected that, by 2027, China will be the world's largest travel and tourism economy. The Times says much of the travel focus is shifting to Asia; for the best on Asia travel, check out Let's Travel's past Tattlers. The full article is available at Nytimes.com.


Yuanyang rice terraces, China
International Pow Wow 


The New York Times Travel Show might be over, but the International Pow Wow will convene in Chicago this April. Last year's IPW was in Las Vegas, and next year's will be in Orlando, Fla. It is sponsored by the U.S. Travel Association. Read more at Qctimes.com. 


Inle Lake
Travel Inspirganda 

Inspirational tools, such as slideshows and top-ten lists, are now featured on Iberia, Emirates, Booking.com, TripAdvisor, easyJet, and a bevy of airline and hotel-booking websites. The inspirational features are meant to supplement the "normal" search and booking processes and lead to increased bookings. Is travel inspiration, then, the newest form of propaganda? Who knows. We're too preoccupied with the top-ten prettiest waterfall pics of all time to know for sure. Find all of the data at

Peking Opera


Top Ten for 2014 


Marketwatch.com announced the Top ten international spots for 2014 earlier this week. Spoiler alert: London, Paris, and Rome are all on the list. View the full slideshow at Marketwatch.com.



About Let's Travel! 

Let's Travel! is a radio show and website that gives visitors and listeners the insider's take on travel. Come explore the world of travel and culture with us at www.letstravelradio.com.  

The Tattler, radio show and website are produced by Susi Raphael and Michael Zufolo.

  Take a Hike. 

Flickr: Asaf antman
With spring just around the corner, we're lusting for time outdoors. Lots of it. That's why we've rounded up the best hikes across the U.S. and shared them with you, along with some of the most riveting images from the trails. 

It's our way of saying "Happy Spring." It's our way of saying, "Come a little faster, warm sun and light-jacket weather." And it's a reminder, too, that travel needn't always involve planes and ships and passports. 

Grab your hiking shoes. Pack a compass. Go. 

Texas' Hidden Hill Country

Flickr: daveynin

A 1.5-mile hike in Texas' Colorado Bend State Park will bring you to Gorman Falls, a 60-foot-high limestone cliff waterfall that cascades into a moss-and-fern-draped grotto. That's just one of the options on Southern Living's Ten Adventures in Texas' Hidden Hill Country. For those who tire after time on the trail, the list also divulges optimal napping spots, apple pie dives, and a lavender festival. Read the full list at SouthernLiving.com.


7 Hikes for the Everywoman

Image: Gina Ciliberto

Every champion's gotta start somewhere. Mountains for Mortals brings us seven of the best trails from Maine to Hawaii that will take hikers from beginner to expert. Boys optional. Find all seven summits at Blog.roadtrippers.com.


Utah Waterfall Hiking

Flickr: David Whitehall

Are you a sucker for water flowing from high places? Sheryl McGlochlin at Waterfall Hiking sure is. Her blog focuses on Utah waterfalls in meticulous detail, which is perfect for prospective hikers. "Many of the waterfalls found in Utah are hidden and spectacular, considering Utah is the second driest state in the United States," Sheryl writes.  

Tap into her knowledge at Liveandthrivewaterfallhikes.blogpsot.com


Punchball Falls, OR


Flickr: Sam Beebe

We were smitten after seeing photos of the falls, but, with various trails, a natural pool for swimming, and an overlooking observation deck, it seems like much more than just a stunning shot. PortlandHikersFieldGuide.org offers directions to the falls, the best times to go, and a number of hikes once you're there. Read more at Portlandhikersfieldguide.org. 


Zion Narrows, UT

Flickr: Steve Corey

Zion Narrows boasts various trails, a natural pool for swimming, and an overlooking observation deck. However, be warned: this hike is not for the wary. There is no maintained trail, and the route involves passing through a river. The site warns that "the current is swift, the water is cold, and the rocks underfoot are slippery." Read more at  Nps.gov/zion.


Appalachian Trail

 With boundless trails in the Western U.S., it's easy to overlook the Eastern side's gems. However, the Appalachian Trail is one East-Coast hike worth exploring. Backpacker Magazine's interactive guide makes being prepared for --and smart on-- the trail easier than ever. Read the guide at Backpacker.com.



24 Awe-Inspiring Parks

Flickr: H Matthew Howarth

For those who want to hike beyond American borders, this Buzzfeed list features trails both domestic and international. From the Grand Canyon to the Serengeti, these national parks range from glaciers to deserts to beaches. Each was recommended by Quora users. Find the full list at Buzzfeed.com.