Yoga asks us to explore new patterns of being.  Yet how to meet the discomfort and resistance that often accompanies change?

*  Lean into the situation rather than backing away or spacing out. Use your breath to explore the textural layers of body sensation that we call "stretching" or "strength."

*  Stay with it to interrupt the familiar patterns of hardening against uncertainty. Tend to your internal process.

*  Examine automatic reactions: welcome intuition, insight, subtle feeling.

*  Imagination! "Imagination is one of the great archetypal
principles, like love, order, beauty, justice.  We are like materialized poems capable of intense exhilaration and suffering."  James Hillman

*  Friendliness toward oneself and one's own efforts is the root of compassion and non-aggression toward others.  A "master" is someone who has mastered his own aggression.

*  Pema Chodron's three futile strategies: attacking, indulging, and ignoring.  Fully experience what you usually resist.  Tenderness and groundlessness is before habit.

*  Have a relationship with space in your body: down and wide, then out, from a place of ease.  Yield first, then reach.

*  Let your physical core reflect your mental core, a stability of the wandering mind.  Move out into the world from mental stillness, wonder, curiosity.

*  You cannot be in the present moment and run your story line at the same time.  You cannot be in a state of appreciation and be afraid or anxious at the same time.

*  Don't give up on yourself, stay mindful, experience your great warrior spirit, i.e. the inner strength of your innate basic aliveness.

Hands together, deep bow,
Denise Benitez


January through February, 2016

"I chose this program because I always found the teachers who graduated from it to be the most professional and well-educated in all facets of yoga, not just asana. I wanted the best education possible when I decided to deepen my study of yoga, and I was not disappointed with this training. SYA runs a highly respectable, professional, thoughtful training. Denise and her teachers are truly talented."  AM (2013 grad)
August Full Moon Yoga Mandala
 Sat., Aug 29 - 7:30 to 9:00 pm

In the Tantric tradition, the full moon is personified as feminine and bestows nectar. It is a time when moon gazing or moon honoring can bring forth powerful stillness and healing. We'll follow the cycle of the full moon, practicing a well-rounded mandala of yogic arts to both release accumulated tensions and energetic congestion from the past month and create a more clarified inner space for the month to come. Each month's focus will draw upon the pagan cycles of nature at that time. 
Sept 7 to Oct 2 - Mon, Wed, Fri, 6:30 - 7:45 am

Sarasvati is one of the many faces reflected in the image of the Divine Mother. Called the Goddess of the Word, Sarasvati means "the one who gives the essence (Sara) of our own Self (Sva)." We will come together to cultivate a heart to heart relationship with the divine essence of Sarasvati. This will require a willingness to be transformed, to let go of our lesser self so that we can merge with the true teacher that resides within. 
Join Claudette for a practice of slow flowing movement, asana and mantra. All levels are welcome!

Intro to Yoga Series
with Beth Award
Mondays, 5:45 to 7:15 pm; Sept 14 to Oct 19

For anyone new to hatha yoga interested in learning the fundamentals of a physical yoga practice, this six-week series is a great place to begin. It will provide you with the tools to increase flexibility and strength, release tension, and develop concentration and body awareness. This series is designed to provide an understanding of basic yoga postures and breath practices

Sept 18 to 20

*  The Sacred Seat of the Teacher
*  Creating The Container
*  How to Theme Like a Psychological Badass
*  Boundary Lines - Clear Physical and Verbal Adjustments
*  Verbal Cues for Healing and Sanity
*  and MUCH MORE!
For teachers but everyone is welcome!

No pre-registration required for

Love, From Your Teachers at Seattle Yoga Arts
Denise, Rainey, Meg, Bianca, Jaime, Laura, Beattie, Amy, Claudette, Beth, Rebecca, Dean

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