Many of us in the yoga world are familiar with the fantastic gods and goddesses of the Indian tradition. We sometimes invoke them in yoga class as a rich source of inspiration and recognition. Yet we don't often turn to the goddesses that come from the western traditions.

How might the Greek goddesses serve to inspire and bring depth to our yoga and our lives in general?

Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty, and pleasure, was born from the sea. Her attendants (Graces) are: Flowering, Growth, Beauty, Joy, and Radiance. She dislikes haste and teaches refinement and subtlety, two qualities that serve us well in our yoga practice, which is endlessly refining itself, and which flourishes at a slower pace, where one's heart can keep pace with one's movements. Aphrodite is guardian to flowers, which bloom and die, so she points us to the ephemeral nature of life, and to a love and honoring of the senses and the body. 

Artemis, the Amazon Virgin, "sanctifies solitude, and natural and primitive living." She is the symbol of the impulse inside us that urges us toward retreat, meditation, inner listening. She lives in the forest, symbolically away from the outer world.  She encourages us to be present to ourselves, and to release the compulsion to be liked by everyone. She is "firmly grounded, her large feet firmly planted and her body in sound equilibrium." She expresses primitive, bodily, energy and freedom and strength in movement.

Hestia, the goddess of the hearth and home, embodies calm and dignity. The hearth is a warm place of peace and security and could refer to a home, an inner hearth in the heart, or to a yoga studio or other sacred space. Hestia encourages us to "maintain the flame of our heart, to watch over it, nourish it, and place it at the center of our attention." This is sound guidance for establishing a sense of inner security as we practice. 

May the Goddess come alive in you!

I sourced from the great book "Pagan Meditations," by Ginette Paris.








Saturday, June 20, 7:00 to 9:00 pm



Slide into a more restful mode of being with Laura's calming sequence of movements and Beattie's gentle hands on support. This evenings practice is powerful medicine. Come nurture yourself!!


Teaching to Fascia and the Nervous System
w/Denise Benitez and Rainey
Friday & Saturday, June 26 and 27

Fascia and the nervous system are networks that touch every part of our being. When you move or touch one part, you move or touch the whole. Yoga and how we practice it offer many ways to regulate our nervous system so that we can meet the stimuli that come at us daily in a resourceful and appropriate way. Fascia is the ground substance of your body, and exists from head to foot without interruption. It is ideally a fluid system, and this fluidity is maintained by movement, and especially by variety of movement, such as the many shapes we make in yoga. 

Everyone welcome, whether you teach or not!

The Dark of the Moon has an inward feel, a void or empty quality, and can teach us how to be comfortable with the dark and with uncertainty. The new moon is traditionally the preferred or "ripe" time to plant seeds in the ground or seeds of love, creativity, or friendship. It is considered  beneficial to devote time to chanting and meditation on this day. Each month, we'll rest in the quiet energy of the new moon, and the power of a different chant, followed by a short meditation.  

Tuesday & Thursday, July 7 to 30

Dive into summer's sweet pulsation with a morning flow practice inspired by John Muir's love of nature and Claudette's passion for poetry and music. We'll put the focus on alignment, breath and the natural flow of nature. Come to dissolve your tension, absorb a bigger energy, and leave class feeling truly free; perhaps immortal. For students of all levels who want to bring the summer sunshine into their body, mind and spirit. Join us!

Intro to Yoga with Beth Award
Six Week Series, Mondays; July 13 to August 17

Are you planning to wait until you are "flexible enough" to enter a yoga studio? Do you feel that you need to know a secret handshake, or look a certain way in order to practice yoga? Have you ever wished for a yoga class that would prep you to take yoga classes? Well then, this is the class for you!

For anyone new to hatha yoga interested in learning the fundamentals of a physical yoga practice, this six-week series is a great place to begin. It will provide you with the tools to increase flexibility and strength, release tension, and develop concentration and body awareness. This series is designed to provide an understanding of basic yoga postures and breath practices and will prepare students for the ongoing "Essentials" classes at Seattle Yoga Arts.

Yoga practice keeps you juicy!

No pre-registration required for

Love, From Your Teachers at Seattle Yoga Arts
Denise, Rainey, Meg, Bianca, Jaime, Laura, Beattie, Amy, Claudette, Beth, Rebecca, Dean

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