Last Sunday one of my favorite events of the year occurred at SYA--the annual graduation of our year-long Teacher Training program. This year our core faculty included myself, plus Elizabeth Rainey, Amy Reed, and Bianca Raffety.  We graduated 26 beautiful souls who have heartfelt intentions of bringing yoga to others. 

It's hard to describe the feeling of bittersweet joy when the hard work, the tears, and the joy of this time together ends. Over the year, we become a family, friendships are formed, growth happens on all levels, and lives are changed. Many of you know that I (Denise) am in grad school for psychology right now, and the SYA Immersion and Teacher Training program is on par with my grad school studies. So I have no problem calling our program Yoga Grad School! 

We always ask the grads to fill out feedback forms at the end of the year. Of course, they give us constructive critique, but they also rave about the program. So, without blowing our own horn TOO much, here's some of what they said:

   *  You covered everything, from muscles to malas, cues to sutras, so beautifully.

   *  I loved the four teacher faculty. All the teachers were so supportive and positive.

   *  You taught me the importance of meditation, and it will be in my practice from now on.

   *  I absolutely loved the philosophy, especially Tantra.

   *  The most profound aspect of this training was the inclusion of the spiritual element in the practice.

   *  The teachers' depth of experience, scholarship, and caring for the students was extraordinary.

   *  Providing additional professionals was great; PT's, Ayurveda, psychologist, etc.

   *  An incredible alchemy of movement, philosophy, poetry, anatomy, history. What a gift!

   *  This year totally changed my life. I feel happier, more resilient, and so enthusiastic about the many levels of yoga and integrating them into my life in an ongoing and meaningful way.

   *  We felt held and cared for the whole year. I tell people it's the best yoga training in the country!


Our 2015 Immersion and Teacher Training begins January 9.

Come to a Free Information Session with Denise and Bianca this Sun, Dec 14, 1:00 to 2:00 pm


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A Healthful Gift for the Women in Your Life

 Lady Day!

We've partnered with The Hot House to create a special holiday gift for yourself or a loved one. One yoga class at SYA and one entry to The Hot House hot tub, sauna and steam for only $30!

Purchase in person at Seattle Yoga Arts.

(For women only: The Hot House is a women's spa. Available for purchase 12/8-12/31.)




Not Your Mama's Patanjali

w/Denise Benitez and Amy Reed, Dec 12 and 13

Traditional texts can have profound relevance to our modern lives and at the same time can be archaic and distancing. Most yoga practitioners and students have a passing familiarity with the Bhagavad Gita and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, yet we can wonder, "What do these texts have to do with me and my yoga practice in 2014?" In this workshop, we'll scrutinize these two honorable texts for the take-aways that are universal to human experience, and also investigate those places where the texts are not as alive for us or are even off-putting. 



w/Rainey, January 1, 2015, 10:00 am to Noon

Enjoy the blessings of community and practice on this auspicious first day of the year, when the foundation of new expressions can be powerfully established with intention and loving energy. All levels welcome.


January Full Moon Yoga Mandala

w/Rainey, Jan 4, 7:45-9:15 pm 

The January full moon is known as the Old Moon or the Moon After Yule. We'll follow the cycle of the full moon, practicing a well-rounded mandala of yogic arts to both release accumulated tensions and energetic congestion from the past month and create a more clarified inner space for the month to come.  

w/Beth Award, Six Mondays Jan 5 to Feb 9; 5:45-7:15 pm
Are you planning to wait until you are "flexible enough" to enter a yoga studio? Do you feel that you need to know a secret handshake, or look a certain way in order to practice yoga? Have you ever wished for a yoga class that would prep you to take yoga classes? Well then, this is the class for you! This series is designed to provide an understanding of basic yoga postures and breath practices.

w/Mandy Morneault, January 6 to 22, 6:30-7:45 am

Let the quietude of an early morning practice series reawaken your intention to live well. Classical yogic texts tell us the practice of yoga is most potent pre-dawn. With the stabilizing forces of night still present, this supportive time of day lends itself to dropping into yourself fully. Lean into the focused connection of group practice to hear your own heart more clearly.

Psychotherapists concur: practice helps ease winter blues.
No pre-registration required for

Love, From Your Teachers at Seattle Yoga Arts
Denise, Rainey, Meg, Bianca, Jaime, Laura, Amy, Claudette, Beth, Rebecca, Mandy

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