We're excited! Our 2015 Immersion and Teacher Training Programs are Open for Registration!

Many of you know that I (Denise) am in grad school studying psychology. I'm loving my program and realizing how similar it is to the way we teach our 200 and 300 hour teacher trainings at SYA. I'm also becoming more aware of what a really high
standard we set in our teacher trainings. Think of these programs as yoga grad school, a place where you will be challenged, nourished, and where you will be supported in diving deep in your experience of yoga and teaching. We've trained many of the most beloved teachers in the Northwest, and LOVE teaching teachers!

100 Hour Immersion - Stepping Into the Stream
200 Hour Teacher Training - Taking the Seat of the Teacher
300 Hour Teacher Training  - Ongoing, Join Anytime

Info Sessions for the Immersion and 200 Hour TT. Meet the teachers and talk to former students. Register online.
November 16 - 3:00 - 4:00 pm
December 14 - 1:00 - 2:00 pm

2015 Immersion: Stepping Into the Stream

This unique 100 hour Immersion program is the perfect opportunity to devote time to cultivating the inner wisdom that comes from dedicated practice and study. You will refine your understanding of the alignment principles that allow the yoga asanas to be a safe and full expression of your heart. You will consider Classical yoga philosophy & explore in depth the Tantric philosophy that is the foundation of our practice. You will learn more about the anatomy of your amazing body and savor longer & deeper periods of practice including asana, pranayama & meditation. Classes are a combination of practice, lecture and discussion. Join a group of fellow yoga nerds committed to self-discovery as we delve into the beauty and power of yoga. 

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200 Hour Teacher Training:
Taking the Seat of the Teacher

The impulse to take the seat of the teacher arises most auspiciously from the passion and blessings of your own practice, which creates a heartfelt desire to offer the gifts of yoga to others. You become an excellent teacher when you bring head and heart, intelligence and passion, together into your own individual form of teaching. This teacher training will first support you in establishing daily life practices that sustain and nourish a yogic lifestyle. We will guide you in accessing your own creativity and brilliance, and offer you tools to become the best yoga teacher you can be. We will also take you on a great tour of the yoga tradition, its philosophy, great insights, and texts. We will offer you the very best of our many combined years of teaching and teacher training. You will leave this training prepared and inspired to teach effective, inspiring yoga to a diverse group of students. 

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300 Hour Teacher Training 

Ongoing, Join Anytime


Recent student comment: "I learned more in this one weekend than I did in my entire 200 hour teacher training elsewhere."

  • Earn your 300 hours through stand-alone modules that you take as you like. Work toward 500-hour certification through Yoga Alliance or take modules independently for your own education and nourishment.
  • Begin the program when it works for you.
  • Learn on your own timeline. Study what you want to study when you want to study it. Study with experts in their fields.
  • Take up to three years to earn your 300 hours.
  • Some classes are open to everyone; other classes open only to teachers, teachers in training, and teacher wannabes. Let us know what you'd like to learn; we'll create a module around it!
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Our fall classes are happening!
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