Early morning is a holy time in almost all traditions for prayer, meditation, conscious movement, and contemplation.  In Ayurveda, early morning is revered for its spaciousness and stillness. The world disappears while you are sleeping, and reassembles itself every morning. In deep sleep, you are not maintaining your personality or enacting your desires. The delicate transitional space between sleeping and waking is a place where you can recreate yourself every day. Some ideas and inspirations to help you awaken early:


   *  Try to talk very little first thing in the morning. Language brings you into discursive thinking.

   *  No radio, newspaper or email first thing in the morning. If you read anything, let it be a spiritual or inspirational book.

   *  Regard each day as a microcosm of life and each morning a birth, each evening a surrender.

   *  If your life allows it, do your creative work in the morning. Your mind has just left the depth of its creative source and will be primed.

   *  Watching a sunrise is a reminder of the mystery and power in which we usually unconsciously live, and brings a sacred quality to the entire day.

   *  Try not to get too precious about your meditation; if time is limited, just sit up and meditate in bed in your jammies (or naked if you wanna).

   *  If sleepiness is persistent, open your eyes as wide as you can and look in every direction. This will stimulate and wake up your brain.

   *  Have a foot massage ball near the bathroom sink and use it as you brush your teeth.

   *  Tap your fingertips strongly on your sternum like Tarzan to stimulate your thyroid gland.

   *  Remind yourself that even with struggle and disappointment, each day is one of precious human embodiment. 


May you rise with the sun and may the solar winds carry you through your day.


Get support for waking up early!

Early Morning Practice Series w/Erin

Three mornings a week for four weeks beginning September 8, 6:30 to 7:45 am


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Your support means everything to us. Bring a friend to class who is new to SYA and your friend pays only $8.


 Series Classes 

Series Classes provide the structure that supports you in making a commitment to yourself. You're worth it!

  • Fancy Napping aka Yoga Nidra, July 22 - August 26
  • Yoga for Vata Dosha (Focus!) Sept 14 - Oct 5
  • Good Alignment is Good Practice, Oct 27 - Nov 17
  • Yoga for Kapha Dosha (Get Moving!) Nov 16-Dec 7
  • Early Morning Series w/Amy Reed, Nov 10-Dec 5
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September Full Moon Yoga Mandala
with Jane Hitti, Sept 8, 9:00 - 10:30 pm

The Harvest Moon falls near the Equinox and traditionally provided farmers with light to harvest crops under its glow. We'll follow the cycle of the full moon, practicing a well-rounded mandala of yogic arts to both release accumulated tensions and energetic congestion from the past month and create a more clarified inner space for the month to come. 


How to Sit, Stand and Walk

w/Laura Prudhomme & Beattie, Sept 20, 2-5 pm

Seems so obvious, right? But how DO you sit, stand and walk? Unless we are injured it's likely that we rarely even think about how miraculous it is that these are our fundamental movement patterns. When we practice aligning our bodies in our everyday activities we have access to a healthier range of motion. Who doesn't want that? 'How to Sit, Stand and Walk' is a reeducation practice.Come re-pattern! 


Friday Sangha Dharma Wisdom

w/Meg Agnew, Fridays 8-9:20 am, begins Sept 19

The intention of this program is to encourage a deepening of our meditation practice and, within the refuge of sangha (spiritual community), to share insights and support for living with wisdom and compassion. We'll use the text Awakening Joy: Ten Steps to Happiness by James Baraz and Shoshana Alexander.


Body Harmony: Yoga Nidra and Sound Healing Workshop

w/Erin Goldman & Brody Smyers, Sept 21, 7:45-9:45 pm 

Yoga Nidra is an ancient and sacred practice of profound relaxation that melts tension on all levels and guides us towards our core, essential nature of vibratory Consciousness. Acutonics is a system of vibrational sound healing rooted in Oriental Medicine and philosophy that seeks to harmonize and balance the body, psyche and soul to reconnect us with the cycles of nature and the cosmos. 


September 26 - 28
For Teachers, Teachers in Training,and Teacher Wannabes. A weekend of theory and practice for knowing yourself and supporting your students. Exploration on topics such as The Inner Landscape and the Shadow, Cultivating Conscious
Embodiment Through Asana;The Psychologically Sound Classroom and more.

Fall classes have begun. Come back to what nourishes you!
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