Recently, two 20-something friends of mine who have been wanting to try yoga said they needed to ask me something important. They took me to the corner of the room, looked around furtively, and asked "What happens when you fart in yoga class?" This was a serious and big concern for them and I simultaneously wanted to laugh and cry. If they only knew all the things that can, and have, happened in a yoga class. Like:
  • Falling out of poses, sometimes taking a few other people down with you,
  • Wardrobe glitches revealing, ahem, certain parts of a man's anatomy,
  • The handstand that becomes quite revealing when a woman's shirt slips down off her torso,
  • Snoring in Savasana,
  • The teacher farting (yes, this has happened to me, once when students were in Savasana! Oy.)
  • Fainting,
  • Doing a pose on the opposite side from everyone else,
  • Chanting loudly and out of tune,
  • Crying in class,
  • Realizing it's your body odor that smells so strong.

Yoga class is a place where we experience our common humanity, which includes our not beautiful, not graceful aspects just as it includes the gorgeous synchronization of bodies in motion. If you haven't been to class because you were afraid you'd fart or snore or cry or be out of tune, now is the time to begin! Join the human community in all its glorious variety and complexity. Our teacher, Beth Award, who has a brilliant sense of humor (if the yoga thing doesn't work out, she can be a standup comic!) is teaching an Intro to Yoga series on Monday evenings, 5:45 to 7:00 pm, starting July 28, for four weeks.

Love, Denise


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 We're offering some cool Series Classes this fall.

Series Classes provide the structure to support you in making a commitment to yourself.

  • Intro to Yoga, July 28 to August 18
  • Fancy Napping aka Yoga Nidra, July 22 - August 26
  • Yoga for Pitta Dosha (Chill!), Aug 25 - Sept 22
  • Yoga for Vata Dosha (Focus!) Sept 14 - Oct 5
  • Good Alignment is Good Practice, Oct 27 - Nov 17
  • Yoga for Kapha Dosha (Get moving!) TBD
  • Early Morning (6:30 am) Intensives Starting Sept 8

 August Full Moon Yoga Mandala w/Amy Reed
Sun, August 10; 8:30 to 10:30 pm
The August full moon is known as the Red Moon. Full Moon Mandala is a ritual of release, silence, and intention setting. We'll practice a well-rounded mandala of yogic arts to both release accumulated tensions and energetic congestion from the past month and create a more clarified and creative inner space for the month to come.

Slow and Low Restoratives
with Laura Prudhomme and Beattie, Aug 16, 7-9 pm

Experience time without the hurried push of a widely accepted social paradigm that faster is better. Slow and Low is a restorative yoga class infused with the art of healing touch. This practice is designed to help us remember what it feels like to do less and receive more. Slide into a more restful mode of being with Laura's calming sequence of movements and Beattie's gentle hands on support. 


Yoga Therapeutics w/Rainey and Bianca Raffety

August 22 and 23

For Teachers, Teachers in Training and Teacher Wannabes. You'll explore: Scope of Practice: What Yoga Should and Should Not Address, Alignment: the Root of Yoga Therapeutics, How to Avoid and Address Common Yoga Injuries, How to Communicate Therapeutically; Speaking Respectfully to Injuries and Limitations, Basic Therapeutics for Each Category of Poses, Meeting the Needs of Different Body/Mind Types and more.


September Full Moon Yoga Mandala w/Jane Hitti

Sept 8, 9:00 - 10:30 pm 

The Harvest Moon falls near the Equinox and traditionally provided farmers with light to harvest crops under its glow. We'll follow the cycle of the full moon, practicing a well-rounded mandala of yogic arts to both release accumulated tensions and energetic congestion from the past month and create a more clarified inner space for the month to come.

 How to Sit, Stand, and Walk

w/Laura Prudhomme and Beattie, Sept 20, 2-5 pm 

Seems so obvious, right? But how DO you sit, stand and walk? Unless we are injured it's likely that we rarely even think about how miraculous it is that these are our fundamental movement patterns. When we practice aligning our bodies in our everyday activities we have access to a healthier range of motion. Who doesn't want that? 'How to Sit, Stand and Walk' is a reeducation practice.Come re-pattern!


Applied Psychology for Yogis 
w/Livia Cohen-Shapiro and Amy Reed
September 26 - 28
For Teachers, Teachers in Training,and Teacher Wannabes. A weekend of theory and practice for knowing yourself and supporting your students. Exploration on topics such as The Inner Landscape and the Shadow, Cultivating Conscious
Embodiment Through Asana;The Psychologically Sound Classroom and more.

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