January 2016
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Recruit at least 3 new Builder or Associate members in 2016 and your next membership renewal will be free. Affiliate members or members being reinstated within 1 year not included in promotion.

If you are referring the new member to  SIF Workers' Comp Program (which could pay for their first year's dues,) please make sure to TELL LAUREN (504.837.2700 or [email protected]) that you recruited them prior to the Board of Directors meeting that month.

If your 2016 membership renewal comes up prior to recruiting the 3 members, your 2017 renewal will be comped. Only the first 3 members will be counted (recruiting 6 new members does not grant 2 years of membership renewal.)

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1st Quarter at the HBA
Mark your calendars to be more involved with the HBA this year! Some great events to attend in the 1st quarter include...

Wednesday, February 17th
Tuesday, February 23rd
Annual Housing Forecast 
(registration link coming soon)

Wednesday, February 24th
Professional Women in Building Dinner @ Tony Angelo's (registration link coming soon)

Friday, March 11th

Improving Jefferson Parish Inspection Process
Jeff Parish Seal
Jefferson Parish Department of Inspection and Code Enforcement, in an effort to provide you with better and more convenient service, the Mechanical Department has been working to simplify the inspection process. Below are a few tips to help the inspection process run more smoothly and efficiently.

The Manual J, S, and D form must be submitted at the time of the rough-in inspection. 

The Duct Blast Test may be completed at 4 different stages and must be completed before building final inspection. The 4 stages are as follows:
  • At time of rough-in without air handler
  • At time of rough-in with air handler
  • At time of final without blower door
  • At time of final with blower door
(Different standards are required at different stages of test.)

*If foaming house, duct test is not necessary, provided ducts are ALL located within the thermal envelope of the building.

During the application process, the general contractor must choose either the Blower Door test at the time of final inspections or the Air Barrier Checklist during the construction phase.

The Blower Door test must be completed before building final inspection.

The Air Barrier Checklist must be completed during the process of construction. All visual inspections must be done prior to concealment for Air Barrier to be valid. Otherwise, blower door test must be completed. 

In order to perform the Blower Door Test and Duct Test, Jefferson Parish only recognizes BPI, Southface, or Resnet Certifications.

A copy of current certification needs to be provided with the testing form.

All forms for testing are being made available on our Jefferson Parish website, www.jeffparish.net

All completed testing forms may be emailed to the Mechanical Department at [email protected]

The Louisiana State Plumbing Code (Part 14 of the LA Sanitary Code) has been repealed effective January 1, 2016 per Act 836 of 2014. The Louisiana State Uniform Construction Code Council (LSUCCC) will promulgate State plumbing regulations through the evaluation, adoption, and amendment of the following codes as part of the State Uniform Construction Code:

2012 International Building Code, Chapter 29 - Plumbing Systems;
2012 International Residential Code, Part VII - Plumbing,
2012 International Plumbing Code

From last month... 
Local Member Company Recognized for Safety Programs
Landis Residential Builders was recognized by the National Association of Home Builders & Builder Mutual Insurance Company for their safety programs. The company took 1st place in the Safety Award For Excellence (SAFE) Remodeler Safety Program of the Year (Less than 50 employees) and Single Family Home Builder Safety Program of the Year (Less than 10 home starts per year).

Congratulations on a job well done! Landis Residential Builders will be recognized at the NAHB/Builders Mutual Safe Awards for Excellence (SAFE) ceremony at IBS in January. 
THANK YOU to Jefferson Joining Forces Donors
Thank you to these companies who have assisted NOEL's Jefferson Joining Forces project by providing estimates for our recent sites.

Viking Construction

Standards for Construction Dumpsters - City of New Orleans
If your project in New Orleans requires the placement of construction dumpsters in the right-of-way (street, sidewalk, alley, or other publicly owned space) a permit is required prior to the delivery of the dumpster!

HomeBuilders SIF Update
The HomeBuilders SIF Board of Trustees recently met for its Quarterly Trust Meeting. On behalf of the Board, we are pleased to share these meeting highlights:

The SIF will distribute a $1 Million dividend to qualifying members in November 2015 and $2 Million in March 2016. This will bring the total dividends distributed during the 2015 Fund Year to $4 Million and the total returned to date to nearly $80 Million.

The audited financials for the 2014 fund year (ending 3/31/2015) are complete. The HomeBuilders SIF has once again posted outstanding results. Net income before member distribution and provision for income taxes for the fund year was $3.2 Million. Total written premiums for the Fund Year were nearly $21 Million, with total revenues of $23.8 Million. Total Fund assets now exceed $70.1 Million. The audited financials are available online for your review at lhbasif.com or members can call the SIF to request a copy.

2016 RATES
Based on an actuarial rate analysis, the SIF Board voted to leave rates as is for the 2016 Fund Year. Since 2008, the SIF has effectively reduced rates by nearly 30%.

From 4/1/15-9/30/15 the SIF wrote 61 new members in our local. Forty-three of those members qualified for the VIP program.

I appreciate the opportunity to serve on your behalf. I will work to ensure that the HomeBuilders SIF remains the strong, stable choice for workers' compensation in our industry. Please call on me if I can be of any service to you or your business. 
- Phil Hoffman, HomeBuilders SIF Representative from HBAGNO

PO Box 2911
Baton Rouge, LA 70821

225.387.0286   PHONE
877.LHBASIF (542.2743)   TOLL FREE
[email protected]   EMAIL
225.334.0312   FAX
Update from Jefferson Parish Department of Inspection and Code Enforcement
As the year 2015 comes to a close, the Department of Inspection and Code Enforcement celebrates the advancements and enhancements made in the past four years that have better served our building industry.  Securing online permitting through My Permit Now has allowed our customers to save time and money by applying for permits, requesting inspections, and getting results of inspections - all online!  Lobby renovations and innovations, as well as the addition of two plan reviewers, have resulted in greatly reduced wait times in our lobbies.  The acquisition of mobile "hot spots" have enabled our customers to get "real time" inspection results, and the inspectors have reduced their arrival time "windows" for more efficiency.  Accountability measures and equipment have been put in place to insure maximum productivity out of the workday - all of this to better serve you.  At the Jefferson Parish Department of Inspection and Code Enforcement, we recognize that your investment in Jefferson Parish is your choice, and we strive to show our appreciation in every opportunity we have to serve you.  
Labor Force Loss
Elliot Eisenberg Elliot Eisenberg, Ph.D. is President of GraphsandLaughs, LLC and can be reached at [email protected].  His daily 70 word economics and policy blog can be seen at www.econ70.com.

While the unemployment rate is 5.1% and has fallen smartly since peaking at 10% in October 2009, a key question is why? Part of the decline is due to people finding work who were previously unemployed, however part of the decline is from people dropping out of the labor force. To this end, there are 92 million Americans who are currently not part of the labor force. But that number includes, among others, retirees, students, and stay-at-home parents, groups that by necessity don't work and are thus not part of the labor force. That said, realistically how many Americans are not in the labor force, and more importantly, is the problem getting worse?

First, the population of the US is roughly 319 million. Of that number, about 65 million are under 16 and are excluded from employment data for obvious reasons. That leaves roughly 255 million Americans who are over 16. However, that number includes 43 million Americans over 66, the age at which full Social Security benefits are available. Excluding such persons, even though some are employed, leaves 212 million people between 16 and 66.

Of the 21 million between ages 16 and 20, 54% are in school, and one-third are in the labor force, meaning they are working or actively looking for work. And of the 23 million persons between 21 and 25, 73% are in the labor force and 13% are in school. Thus, between the ages of 16 and 25, 6 million people neither work nor attend school. For these ages, this is the number of persons who are really not part of the labor force.

Of the 105 million persons between the ages of 26 and 50, 82% work, 8% care for a family member, which is not surprising given the number of school-age children and aging parents, 2% attend school, while 6% are either on disability or would like employment but are not seeking it out. Of the 62 million persons between 51 and 66, two-thirds work, 16% are retired and 12% are disabled, with the remaining 6% split between those wanting but not looking for a job and those caring for a family member. Thus, between the ages of 26 and 66, there are 20 million persons not working, not caring for a family member, not in school, and not retired, the number effectively not in the labor force.

So compared to decades ago are things better or worse? It depends. Compared to 1999, when labor force participation rates were at their all-time high, several things are apparent. First, back then Baby Boomers were in their prime working years, today they are in their 50s and 60s and rapidly retiring. Second, the percentage of full-time students has risen for every age category. Third, the percentage that are disabled and fourth, the percentage wanting a job but not looking for one have both risen across all age categories. It's these last two categories that are of concern.

In conclusion, the "real" number of Americans not in the labor force is at most 26 million, not the 92 million number that is widely cited, because many of those individuals are in school, caring for a family member, or as increasingly is the case, have retired. That said, the increase in the percentage of discouraged workers, those on disability, those in school, and those that are retired has risen by about five percentage points since 1999, thereby reducing both the labor force participation rate and the unemployment rate.
Member Rebate Program
The Member Rebate Program is a free member benefit of your State & Local Home Builders Association.

There are over 40 of the country's leading manufacturer brands participating in the Member Rebate Program.

Visit Member Benefits for more information, or CLICK HERE to view an online brochure with helpful information about the program.

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1st Quarter at the HBA
Improving Jefferson Parish Inspection Process
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