March 2014
February 2014 Calendar of Events
All Events held at HBA office unless otherwise noted 

4) Mardi Gras Day, Office Closed
5) LA Legislative Session Bill Review @ 3pm
6) Remodelers Council Meeting @ Time TBD
7) Crawfish Boil Committee Meeting @ 8:30am
11) Multifamily Council Board Meeting @ 12pm
12) Education Committee  Meeting @ 3pm
12) Executive Committee Meeting  @ 4pm
14-16) New Orleans Home & Garden Show @
     Mercedes-Benz  Superdome

14) HBA Member VIP Party @ H&G Show, 5-7pm
17) Home & Garden Show Board Meeting @ 4pm
18) HBA Board of Directors @ 4om
20) Associates Council & Membership Task Force
     Meeting @ 8:30am
20) Advanced Building Council Meeting @ 12pm
20) Parade of Homes Committee Meeting @ 1:30pm
20) NOEL Board of Directors Meeting @ 3pm
25) General Membership Meeting @ 5-6:30pm
Mellow Mushroom, 3131 Veterans Blvd
March 14-16
New Orleans Home & Garden Show
** VIP Party Friday, March 14, 5-7pm
MANDATORY RSVP - tickets will be at Will Call

March 25 5 - 6:30pm
General Membership Meeting
Cost: $20 per person
Contact: Lauren Galliano
CrawfishBoil Friday, April 11 @ 5pm
Crawfish Boil

Tickets:  $25 for Adults, $10 for Kids 7-12
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Final Graduation at the HBI PACT for Youth Program  

HBI PACT for Youth-formerly Operation Reconstruct-began in August 2006 in response to a need for rebuilding the community after Hurricane Katrina.  The first program graduates went on to repair and rebuild their own homes and each oth  er's, and some went on to start their own businesses.  Since then, the program has worked to serve the community, most recently in partnership with HBAGNO in Jefferson Joining Forces, Touchdown for Homes, and the recent office remodel project.

HBI wants to thank HBAGNO and all of its members and staff for their support and participation over these years!

Top Picture: Keynote Speaker, Peter Young and students Warren Brown (going to Navy in May), Kenyatta Jackson (employed at Target), Cody Usand (employed at UPS), Jarrett Pellegrin (in process of being hired by builder-member), and Ivri McElroy (intends to go to college/technical school)

Bottom Picture: Program Manager and instructor, Matthew Alsina in the middle of the group

Not Pictured: Roman Smith and Timothy Johnson (both working for EnviroGreen as supervisors) 
Reservations About The Dollar  
Elliot Eisenberg
Elliot Eisenberg, Ph.D., GraphsandLaughs, LLC

Elliot Eisenberg, Ph.D. is President of GraphsandLaughs, LLC and can be reached at Elliot[email protected]  His daily 70 word economics and policy blog can be seen at

Since the start of the Great Recession of 2008 and the Fed's decision to inject trillions of dollars into the banking system, there has been constant talk of the US dollar losing its position as the world's reserve currency, the position it has held since the end of WWII.  After all, our debt is huge and growing, DC is thoroughly dysfunctional, our share of the world economy is shrinking and China is increasingly pushing for a post dollarcentric financial system.  Despite all the concerns above, the dollar's position as the reserve currency of the world is safe for a long while.

First, which currency can realistically unseat it?  The British pound is simply too small to do the job as the British economy is about 1/7th the size of the US economy.  As for the euro, while it is large enough, there are too many structural problems including weak growth, over taxation, an inflexible central bank and the outside possibility of the collapse of the monetary union to entice many central banks to significantly increase their euro holdings.  

As for the Yen, Swiss Franc or Chinese renminbi, you have got to be kidding!  With a debt to GDP ratio greater than that of Greece, Japan makes the US look downright fiscally responsible. Moreover, Japan and Switzerland are both pushing down the value of their respective currencies making them that much less appealing to hold.  Lastly, the renminbi does not freely float and there are significant foreign exchange controls in place.  As a result, it will take at least a decade before China has the necessary legal framework and deep and open financial markets that are a necessary prerequisite before the renminbi can become a credible reserve currency competitor.
Second, because of increased capital flows between nations due to increases in trade and investment, central banks have been repeatedly told by their respective governments to hold larger quantities of safe and easy-to-sell assets which can be easily liquidated in time of crisis.  As a result, total foreign reserves have nearly quadrupled in the past decade and this has dramatically increased the demand for dollars.  For example, when foreign capital suddenly flees a developing nation, it puts downward pressure on the local currency.  By selling some of its dollar holdings to purchase its own currency, a country can stabilize its currency and avoid large currency swings.  Moreover, simply holding a large supply of highly liquid foreign assets, like dollars, discourages speculation and demonstrates that a nation has the necessary reserves to pay foreign creditors for things like oil and wheat.   

Lastly, with large holdings of dollars the last thing foreign nations want to do is harm the dollar as that would reduce the value of their holdings and that, in and of itself, reinforces the dominance of the dollar and thus improves its stability.  That is at least partly why for the past 15 years 60% of world foreign exchange reserves have consistently been in dollars.  Were that percentage to slowly fall to 50% over the next few decades, it would matter relatively little.          
To sum up, despite lots of talk, there exists no strong competitor to the US dollar and one is unlikely to appear anytime soon.  
From Last Month...
In Remembrance 

HBA Board Member Steve Albert's mother and former President of the NAHB Ladies Auxiliary, Nancy Albert, passed away on Saturday morning, January 18th at her home with her loving family surrounding her.  Steve's wife, Susan, shared the following remembrance.

We are all heartbroken, but know very well that she is with God, and free of the suffering that she endured over the past months.

Her faith in God, strong spirit and constitution, love for her family, and the fact that she never, ever gave up or gave in to her condition allowed us to have nine precious months with her.  In Louisiana, we call that "lagniappe", meaning something extraordinary, something unexpected, and an extra gift.  

During the last nine months, she and husband Jules, celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary, and her 81st birthday.  She lived to hold her 2nd great grandchild, Nancy Allison Higginbotham, "Allie", making her a fourth generation baby girl.  Every weekend was a family reunion at the Albert house, including loving and faithful friends.

She led a remarkable life, raising six children, and becoming a strong leader in her community and church.  She truly made a difference in everyone's life, always offering guidance and help.  She was a wonderful mother-in-law to me, mother to Steve and loving, generous grandmother to the children.

Please remember Jules, Steve's father, in your thoughts and prayers.  He will turn 86 on valentine's day, and his life will never be the same.  He was captivated by Nancy and in love with her from the moment he noticed her crossing the Air Force yard in Langley, VA.  He showed extraordinary love, devotion, and attention to her every need throughout this ordeal. 
NAHB names Peter Young 2013 Green Building Educator of the Year
Peter Young
WASHINGTON, Jan. 27 - Peter Young, CAPS, CGP, CSP, a builder/remodeler for nearly two decades in the Greater New Orleans area, has been named the 2014 Green Building Educator of the Year by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) in recognition of his successful efforts to educate builders, remodelers and other industry professionals on how to incorporate green building principles into new and existing construction.

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LHBA Installs 2014 Senior Officers, Honors Award Winners

HBAGNO had a strong showing at this year's LHBA Installation and Awards Banquet. Two of our own were honored with top awards. Congratulations to 2013 LHBA Associate of the Year, Helmut Mundt, and to the Remodeler of the Year, Roy Olsen! 
Helmut Mundt 
Roy Olsen 

We're also proud to be represented on the 2014 Executive Commit tee by Vice President, Peter Young, and Associate Vice President, Helmut Mundt.
Peter Young 
Helmut Mundt 
Mark Your Calendars for LHBA Red Shirt Day & Crawfish Boil - May 6 in Baton Rouge

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In Remembrance, Nancy Albert
In Remembrance, Nancy Albert
Article: Reservations About The Dollar
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Associate Spotlight

Mark Huerta 

Butcher Distributors, Inc.

141 Evans Road
New Orleans, LA  70123
cell: 504-343-5548
office: 504-733-4633
toll free: 800-960-2500

Butcher Distributors New Orleans Territory Manager, Mark Huerta, has been partnering with local Trane dealers in developing their enhanced product and application knowledge to ensure expertise with a unique set of solutions for your residential and light commercial Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning needs.


Trane products are built to last longer, work harder, and save you money every month. We design our products using the most durable materials available. We have the highest industry standards and back them with an iron-clad warranty. To Trane, it's about creating your perfect environment. When you own a Trane, you're getting more than reliable comfort. You are getting peace of mind year after year. 


Butcher Distributors product offerings also include indoor air quality products, alternative power solutions, and whole home or business automation. Our CleanEffects air filtration system is the industry leader in clean air technology.  We carry Honeywell Generator equipment and parts at each location so you can keep operating through any disrupts of electrical service. Our Nexia Home Intelligence brings complete automation to your fingertips with total control over your temperature settings, security cameras, door locks, lights, and many more. Contact your local Trane Comfort Specialist to find out how we can improve your lives at home or place of business. 

HBAGNO offers our members the opportunity to list homes for sale for FREE on the Consumers Page of the HBA website.  


Click Here to list your new homes.

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