Tuesday, February 11, 2014
The Gathering
And Other Covenant News for Youth and Families  
Illustration by Joan Lindeman, from "When God Was a Little Girl".
Dear Covenant Family,

I got a new book today: "When God Was a Little Girl" by David R. Weiss. It begins, "tell me a story, Daddy... about when God was a little girl." As the father and daughter take a long car ride, he narrates a tale of wonder, creativity, and love.


 "When God was a little girl, she liked art projects." The world takes shape through glitter and clay and paint and giggling and song. Instead of speaking the world into existence - God said, 'Let there be light;' and there was light (Gen 1:3) - this little girl God sings the world into being. "And the first word she sang, softly but very clear, was, 'Love.'"


The book continues to weave the biblical creation narratives from Genesis 1 and 2 into a beautiful story brimming with joy, rooted in connectedness, and rich with imagery brought to life by Joan Lindeman's illustrations. My favorite image is the color of love - midnight blue. Why? "Because Daddy, that's just like Love. It's there, even when you can't see it. Love always finds you in the darkness, and when it holds you close, you know you're home."


I'm sure if I were to give love a color, it would be something more trite like red or pink. We're bombarded with pink hearts and red flowers as expressions of love this time of year. Of course, there is something to be said for love that warms the soul, a burning flame to light kindle passion and compassion. But leave it to a child to color love like the night sky: "the deepest blue you can imagine, even darker than black." This is the Love that has existed from the very beginning, from which the world was created. This is the Love that finds us wherever we are - that reaches into our deepest darkness and wraps us in hope and home.


God - and God's love - is ever so much bigger than we can speak. Sometimes, we have to sing midnight blue love into the world and into our hearts. Stories like this are so important because they break open our minds and make space in our beings, space for holiness.


"Daddy... (big yawn)... did it really happen like that?"


"Sure it did. It always happens just like the stories say... even when the stories tell it differently each time."


 grace and peace,

~ Karen

You can find "When God Was a Little Girl" in our church library or better yet, buy a copy for yourself or someone you love. 
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Sundays, 9:45

Education Hour for All Ages


Gathering - All Ages, Fellowship Hall

A worship service with a strong educational component.

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Excellent teachers from the staff, membership, and community lead this popular class.


Youth @ Gathering

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Meet your friends and youth leaders at our table in Gathering.


Treasure Finders - children (3 years - 5th grade) - Fellowship Hall

Meet in the fellowship hall at 9:45.  Kids will stay through the first few songs of Gathering then they are invited to head to children's choir.  They'll finish with a time of learning and love with their fabulous Treasure Finders teachers from 10:30-11.



Birth - 3 years

Open 8:15am - 12:15pm

Gathering Every Sunday @ 10am

2/16  How Powerful is Evil? Katie preaching
2/23  Rules for WHAT? Jim preaching

Parents Night Out - Friday, February 14 6-9pm
Sign up now so that you can drop your kids off for food and fun while you enjoy some FREE kid-free time! To register email Katie or call the church and we will send you the forms.
Deadline February 15 - sign up and $50 deposit per trip
--- YouthWorks Mission Trip - Harrisburg, PA
June 8-13 
This is a mission trip for middle and high school youth. We will travel to Harrisburg, PA to serve in various work (construction and gardening) and service (kids camps, nursing homes) projects. Adult leaders needed.
--- Massanetta Spring Middle School Conference
July 10-13 We will travel with youth and adults from 2 other area churches to this fun and impactful conferences specifically geared toward middle school students (completed 6-8th grades). You must turn in your registration form by February 15.
--- Montreat Youth Conference - High School
July 27-Aug. 2 We'll be a part of a Presbytery group who travels to Montreat, NC for this world famous youth conference! Male and Female adult leaders needed. College Students are invited to participate as part of the conference Work Crew.
Contact Karen for more information on all trips.
Youth Events

--- Youth Basketball, Tuesday Nights, January - February
Calling all middle school and high school youth! Covenant has a long tradition of playing in a co-ed church basketball league and that will continue this year with Tim Augsback as coach. Games will be at Meadow Park Church of God on Bethel Road most Tuesday night in January and February. All but one of our games is at 8:15pm. Today's game is at 8:15pm.

--- Youth 30 Hour Famine Kick-Off (famine is April 25-26) and Youth Sunday planning meeting (Sunday, April 27)
Make sure to come to youth group to hear about the 30 Hour Famine and start thinking about youth led worship Sunday.
--- Confirmation Class begins this month! 7th - 11th grade
Join us for our next class, February 23 at 9:45am - 10:45am in the Lower Level youth room. If you have questions or would like to join the class, please contact Karen. All 7th-11th grade you are encouraged to attend.
--- Broom Ball - Sunday, March 2, 4-7pm
Join us for some competition and fun on the ice at The Chiller in Dublin. 

Parent and Adult Volunteers Needed for Covenant Cafe
The Covenant Cafe is coming up on March 15, and we need the parents and other adults to help us secure donations for the silent auction from local businesses. These donations generate the bulk of our support, which enables us to offer our youth mission trips and conferences at a fraction of the total cost. They are also allow all youth who request financial assistance to receive as much as they need. Parents are asked to secure 3 silent auction donations from local business and purchase 5 seats for the Cafe. Contact Karen for more information.

Renewal Class - Wednesdays during Lent
March 12 - April 9, 5:45 - 6:45
Feeling a little stale? Feeling hungry for something to deepen your faith experience? This Lent, you'll have an opportunity for a deep renewal of your faith. For five Wednesdays we will meet before each Preacher from the Pew service and work our way through a series that includes study, sharing and prayer, and will culminate in a fresh articulation of what you believe and a renewal of your baptismal vows. To reserve your space, contact Tracy or Karen.
Church Office Hours:
- Monday - Thursday - 8:30am-4pm 
*** Friday - the church office will be open in mornings only, closing at noon. The rest of the building will be open as usual.

Save the Date!
Youth Sunday - April 27
Grads Sunday - May 18
Vacation Bible School - July 21-25
This is a week earlier than our typical dates so make note.

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