Raymond Kordonowy MD, President IPALC

Our new IPALC website was discussed and featured in Monday's NewsPress.
Our Marketing Campaign Is On 
IPALC's new website is now up and live.  It has been past a year since members have been asked to pay dues. We are now asking those interested in remaining active members and who are independent physicians to voice your interest in remaining in our organization. 

If you link to the main website and have been a member, simply login and then link to the Become A Member JOIN IPALC by clicking the red logo on the right side of this page to begin using PayPal to pay your dues. The default sign-in process is to list your first initial and full last name for your username, then type ipalc123 as the password. After that you may then change your password by clicking and updating your profile.  

A prior newsletter provided information regarding setting up a functioning email during your profile update.  This will allow potential and existing clients to contact you for service requests under a HIPAA compliant system. There is a full index help file available to help you or your staff with website function and issues. Remember members will also get 50 printed placards and stickers to proudly display membership involvement and promote the IPALC brand. Separate yourself from the organization that is charging facility fees in addition to the fees you generally charge- because they can, in fact the government sanctions this unfair payment arrangement. Talk about a travesty to the tax-paying public.

If we can demonstrate strong membership then in my view our potential is limitless in this market.  It is time we physicians started to take control of the health care delivery we participate in. This involves engaged and caring doctors who understand that they serve their patient-customers primarily. Insurance and government promised arrangements need to be secondary issues not the primary forces behind our care. 

Our directors will be meeting this Thursday at 6PM for our monthly meeting. I would like to see as many paid members as possible so that I may report to the board our strength. Please take the time to sign up today or certainly by Thursday evening. Have your administrator or business manager get this done for you if you are too busy taking care of patients. This is important. In 30 days those who haven't paid dues will be removed from the website. 

As promised in my list of stated goals, we will be meeting with the president of Cash Doctor (Rob Stehlin) to see how they can help IPALC in its mission to deliver great, uncompromising care and service to Lee County's patients.

It is my view that physicians are going to have to bravely forge ahead creating our own market as it relates to our professional services. The interview with Rob is one way to explore how this might be done.  Physicians have sat idly by while the government, hospitals and the insurance industry have collaborated and decimated an industry that had been the envy of the world. It is time for us to stand up and take responsibility where and how we can. We do not have to continue to perpetrate the myths of health care. Myths like: "its that way because the government says so" or "no one can afford it" or that "we (doctors) bankrupt people" or "you must have insurance to see a doctor" or that "doctors can't stand up for themselves or their patients" or "it is perfectly fine to have non-physicians see you in our (doctors) place", to just name a few.


I appreciate the opportunity to participate in the Independent Physician Association Of Lee County. If you are aware of any independent doctors who would benefit from membership, please forward this email with a recommendation to join. Thanks!

Raymond Kordonowy MD
Internal Medicine Of Southwest Florida